What is Passover and How to Celebrate Passover in 2018


The History of Passover Passover is ultimately a celebration of freedom. Most of you must be well aware of the Israelites who were literally living under the gruesome regime of Egypt. ‘The God’s People’ were surviving through a living hell at those times according to The Holy Bible. With empty stomachs and months and years … Continue reading “What is Passover and How to Celebrate Passover in 2018”

How to Celebrate Holy Week 2018


Easter is one of the most anticipated and celebrated holidays in the world. With 46 days of Lent starting with Ash Wednesday, people (mostly Christians) really look forward to the Holy Week to start. Holy week for Christians is an emotion more than just the last week of Lent Season. This is the week when … Continue reading “How to Celebrate Holy Week 2018”