Why Do We Have A Flag Day and How To Celebrate It?

Why Do We Have A Flag Day and How To Celebrate It

“And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

The Star-Spangled Banner billowing in the wind has always been an emotion for us. It is the symbol of our free country which was raised on the hopes and patriotism of the people and an icon that denotes its number of Colonies with colors indicating bravery and purity with stars sewed on to the heavens with people’s goals. Celebrating Flag Day on June 14th has been a tradition that we’ve picked up way back. The First Flag Act was passed by the Congress adopting the stars and stripes as our national flag in 1777.

Flag Day falls mostly during summer holidays but, it is often overshadowed by Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Fourth of July. It is still a myth when it comes down in researching the origin of Flag Day. Well, allow us to correct the above line to “it is still a myth how Flag Day has gained its reputation as a Nation-wide observance day.”

The History

U.S.A flag day history

The origin of “Old Glory” is still unknown but, it is believed to be designed by a New Jersey congressman named Francis Hopkinson and sewn in Philadelphia by Betsy Ross. The resolution stated: “Resolved, that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.” The day was officially declared as Flag Day by late President Harry S. Truman on Aug 3rd, 1949.

The history of the flag is as rich as that of the American Republic itself. The flag has always been there when it comes down to endless battles fought, inspired songs and had been a part of the country’s evolution in both technology and diversity. The flag is said to have survived multiple deface moments during the Civil War. Between 1777 and 1960, the flag has undergone many changes in its size, shape and even design. The red and white stripes denote 13 Colonies, and the stars indicate the number of states. Right now the flag has 50 stars which signify all the 50 states of The United States of America. Even though the flag has gone through many changes in the past, the purpose of it serving as a symbol of independence and national unity remains the same till today.

How to Celebrate Flag Day in 2018

Celebrating Flag Day is as important as celebrating Independence Day and Memorial Day. Many schools and towns recognize and celebrate Flag Day all over the country. As per the tradition, celebrations take place on the second week of June with a ceremonial flag raising function in a central location. The ceremony will be followed by singing National Anthem and recitation of Pledge of Allegiance. Since every patriot at heart must respect and celebrate the Flag Day to its full glory, here are some ways to get into the real vibes of the day…

1. Display The Flag

Show Respect by Displaying American Flag On Flag Day

Displaying the American Flag is one of the most traditional ways to show respect. But, be sure to do it correctly. Make sure you keep the following points in mind before flying your Star and Stripes on this day.

a. The flag must be displayed from sunrise to sunset. It can also be displayed for 24 hours a day if it is illuminated at night.

b. One should hoist the flag with high spirits filled with energy and enthusiasm.

c. The union of the flag must be placed at the peak of the staff when displayed from a horizontal projecting staff. There shouldn’t be any flag which is half hoisted.

d. The flag must never be displayed with the union down unless it is a signal to show extreme danger to life or property.

e. The flag should always be in the air. It should never touch anything beneath it.

f. The flag must never be used for any promotions or be used as wearing apparels, beddings or draperies.

g. The flag must be entirely burned if it doesn’t fit the condition to display.

2. Sing The National Anthem

singing the National Anthem under the hoisted flag on flag day 2018 (2)

Singing the National Anthem right below the hoisted flag is one of the most exalted feelings we’ll ever experience in this lifetime. Flag day is an ideal day to channelize your patriotic energy by singing the National Anthem under the hoisted flag. Sing your heart out to the vibes of this auspicious day.

3. Attend Flag Day Ceremony

Attend a National Flag Day ceremony

On this Flag Day, try to attend a National Flag Day ceremony to get into the real vibes of a patriot. Right from flag hoisting to parades, these ceremonies will be lavish in colors and enthusiasm. Feel free to honor the American Flag in the most patriotic way.

4. Research and Conduct Seminars

Conduct Seminars on Flag Day traditions

Flag Day is one of the most overshadowed national observances in the US. It is time to step up and Set an example for the younger generation to follow by celebrating this day with elegance and respect. Research about the Flag and its prominence in the history and conduct a seminar for all the younger ones in your locality. This will be a great time to come together and think about the importance of continuing the Flag Day traditions just as a patriot. Make sure to give ample amounts of treats and cookies to the young patriots too…

5. Plan a Party

bake a cake in the shape of a flag on flag day celebration

Plan a party at your home honoring the National Flag Day. Invite your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors to share your joy. Plan out a backyard barbecue or fine dining to spend some quality time. It would be momentous if you can bake a cake in the shape of a flag or make some desserts that resemble the flag.

6. Attend a Flag Burning Ceremony

American flag burning ceremony

As a symbol of freedom and justice, the American flag needs to be treated with utmost respect. Burning a flag which is ill-fitting for display is proposed in the United States Flag Code. Attending a flag burning ceremony is one of the most patriotic things everyone can do. Most of the boy scouts or other community organizations conduct them on June 14th followed by saying the Pledge of Allegiance.


American Flag is more than a piece of fabric. It represents the liberty and justice, and it commemorates the sacrifices made by many brave men and women to uphold these ideals. Showing your affection and commitment towards the flag is the noblest thing you can do as the citizen of the United States of America. Celebrate this National Flag Day on June 14th to show your appreciation towards the country and all the departed souls who fought and are still fighting for its glory.

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