What is Passover and How to Celebrate Passover in 2018


The History of Passover

Passover is ultimately a celebration of freedom. Most of you must be well aware of the Israelites who were literally living under the gruesome regime of Egypt. ‘The God’s People’ were surviving through a living hell at those times according to The Holy Bible. With empty stomachs and months and years of extreme torturous labor, the Egyptians pushed and punished each of the Israelites regardless of their gender, age and skill. But, a phosphorescence of hope was given to them when they were informed a savior will be born to rescue them from the monolithic clutches of the regime. Well, the news reached Pharaoh’s ears in no time. To defend himself from the upcoming fate, the decision to kill all the firstborn from Israel was taken.

This hideous act of Pharaoh made God furious and Pharaoh never had any idea what was going to hit him. It was just like the calmness before a huge storm. Moses, an Israel born was chosen by God to save and lead his people out from Egypt to the ‘Promised Land’. Moses lived as one among the Pharaohs till he realized where exactly he belonged. Once he regained the right track, God sent Moses back to Pharaoh with a command “let my people go” (Exodus 8:1). When the pharaoh replied abruptly and denied every chance for a negotiation, God decided to rain down his wrath upon Egypt. God punished Egypt with 10 plagues. The last and the worst of the plagues was the death of all the firstborn in Egypt. Well, what can you say, Tit for Tat right!

The Passover resembles the “pass over “of God on the night of the tenth plague. God told the Israelites to sacrifice a spotless lamb and use its blood to mark their doorposts and lintels. Later that night, the destroyer reigned up Egypt killing all the firstborn from the houses those weren’t marked. All the firstborn of Israel were saved as the destroyer never entered their house. Along with the instruction to apply blood on the doorposts, God proposed a commemorative meal: roasted lamb, bitter herbs, and unleavened bread. He again asked them to pass down this ritual down to younger generations too.

This is how Passover originated and this is why we celebrate Passover every year…

How to Celebrate Passover in 2018

Celebrating Passover in 2018 is no different than you celebrated it last year. Jews are instructed to follow the statute and pass them down to their younger ones. Celebrating Passover is more of an emotion than just a tradition. Passover always comes near to Easter but, this observance goes way beyond Easter’s existence and celebrating this day together with family is one of the best experiences you’ll come over in your life. Here’s how you can celebrate Passover in 2018 with all its rich traditions and rituals…

1.Prepare At least a Week Before


Since Passover is really a get-together dinner party, proper preparation is a must. Well, you can’t expect to come up with a fine recipe overnight right. So, decide on your lamb recipe a week before or if you have a family recipe you follow for Passover dinners, make sure you confirm it with your elders. Clean you home both inside and out. Start your Passover week with a fresh mind and fresh environment.

2. Get To Know The Core Of The Day


Passover is all about celebrating the freedom. But, it also includes all the pain and torture your ancestors went through while getting to the ‘Promised Land’. Start your day by reading Exodus 12. As for kids gather around your elders and ask them to narrate the whole scenario. This would be a great time to spend a quality time by bonding with your family.

3. Prepare The Seder


The seder is the most important celebration of Passover week. This is a festive meal which is usually practiced on the first night of Passover. There are plates which are especially dedicated to Passover Seder. The Seder plates for Passover have six sections each to follow the six symbolic foods. The six symbolic foods include bitter herbs, Charoset, vegetable, shank bone, egg, and lettuce or horseradish. Unleavened bread is said to be devoured on this day and you can place your Matzoh for the dinner on Matzoh plates for Passover.

4. Reminiscence In The Past


Use this day to remember your ancestors. Just like the Israelites dis, you can paint your door frame in red for this day. If painting seems like a rather absurd idea for you, try hanging red ribbons on the door to prevent the God’s Angel of Death from entering your home.

5. Watch Passover Movies


There are many movies which exhibit ‘the Great Exodus’ from Egypt. Find a few movies and watch it along with your family to get into the spirits of Passover. Movies like Ten Commandments and Prince of Egypt are a few honorable mentions you can enjoy.


If you are thinking that celebrating Passover is all Jewish, then you are wrong.  So, celebrating Passover will not prove anything but, it is a great chance to know your past and the ways your ancestors have passed. It is just like a walk through the memory lanes. Celebrate Passover 2018 with your family and beloveds to bring out the best of the day.

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