Unique Gift Ideas To Celebrate Sisters Day

Celebrating sister’s day on Aug 5th seems to be one of the most anticipated events of 2018. With friendship day adjoining, the reason to celebrate sister day doubles and hypes up the happiness. Having a sister regardless of her being elder or younger is always a blessing. She has always been a second mom who shares the same bond and comfort whenever you needed her. Whether you were happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or even lonely, she has always been there for you. So, there’s definitely a reason for everyone to celebrate sister’s day.

A day for your sister apart from her birthday is a pretty good idea that we’ve been continuing for centuries. As a sibling, it is your duty to make her feel special on this day. Since sister’s day, 2018 is around the corner, we are pretty much sure you do have some out-of-the-box ideas to celebrate it. But, what about the gifts? Worry not, we can help you get some of the best and unique gifts for your sister to make her feel special.

1. A Personalized Greeting Card

personalized greeting card for sister to gift on sister day

Write your soul out to your sister telling her how lucky you are to have her in life. Make a card to show your love and affection towards her. Fill it up with tiny confetti and sparkles. You can even make it more interesting with card decoration ribbons and funny stickers. Make use of the creative brain of yours to come out with something special. The time and effort you’ve put together matter the most. You can also try getting a greeting card online too.

2. Lovely Figurines

Sisters figurine to gift on national sister's day

Figurines have always topped the list of potential gift items for any occasion. Surprise your sister with some of the loveliest figurines on national sister’s day. You can find ceramic sister figurines, metal figurines, and even crystal figurines online which will show justice for this day. Make sure you wrap it up with a few rounds of gift paper and record her reaction while she unwraps it. Gifting some cute dog plush toy  to your sister can also do the trick. But, prepare yourself for a high-pitched scream of excitement.

3. A Photo Frame

gift a photo frame to your sister for sister's day 2018

Gifting a photo frame might seem absurd to you but, this can be one of the most genius gifts you’ve ever given to your sister. Gift her a premium photo fame along with the most cherishable photo memory of both of you. It might be a day at the park, or at the beach, or even a photo of you both hanging around your mom. Your sister might be thrilled to know who much you hold her dear to your heart which is indeed special.

4. A Coffee Mug

coffee mug to be gifted on national sister day 2018

If your sister is a ‘coffee head’ and loves her coffee more than you, then gift her a coffee mug which says “world’s best sister.” This will make sure that you will be the first person she’ll think of in the morning when getting her coffee. Well, make use of this opportunity to dethrone the coffee from its position and replace yourself as the only person she cares about.

5. Chocolate Burst

crystal jar filled with cookies to surprise sister

Your younger sister might be hoping for something from you as a gift for the upcoming sister’s day. Make sure you meet up to her gift expectations with loads of chocolate and marshmallows. Get a crystal cookie jar and fill up with cookies and M&M’s. Get her chocolate balloons and huggable life-size teddy bear to make her day even more memorable. And don’t forget to blush her with hugs and kisses every time she comes across.

6. Out Of Town Surprise

basket with chocolates and gifts for sister living far away from you

This is something you can do if your sister stays out of town or you are away from her. Doll up a wooden basket and fill it with chocolates, phone accessories, event tickets, gift voucher cards and some Solvar necklaces and Solvar rings. Decorate the basket with ribbons and flowers to make it look exactly like a gift basket. Communicate with the delivery boy to knock her door precisely on 12:00 am. Including some perfumes or fashionable perfume bottles and premium carry around jewelry boxes are also a great idea.


Blings and other luxurious items aren’t enough to replace the blood bond you have with your sister. Celebrate this sister’s day with your sister to make her feel special and loved. Lijo décor is one of the e-commerce giants which provides a 15% discount on the coupon code “Decor15” on all its products. Make use of this opportunity to find your sister a perfect gift without breaking your bank.

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