Top 7 Activities To Do On Fourth of July Week

Top 7 Activities To Do On Fourth of July Week

With schools closing down for summer vacations, America is preparing for summer’s biggest holiday. The 4th of July is still weeks away, but the vibes of celebration and patriotism are already in the air. Independence Day 2018 falls on Wednesday, and there’s nothing better than getting a day off during the week. With fairs, parades, and fireworks working its way through the market, the month June is already enchanted with Stars and Stripes.

Since, Independence Day comes in mid-summer, finding ways to enjoy this phenomenal week is abundant. From road trips to swimming pool chill-outs, the month of July provides you with endless possibilities and boundless positive vibes. Here are top 7 things to do on the Independence week to make the most out of holiday…

1. Ride With The Wind

Bike riding on 4th july 2018

Strap on your helmet, take out the map and start peddling! 

Midsummer is one of the best times to ride with the wind and enjoy the prolific beauty of Mother Nature. Gather your friends and head out for an expedition through the most daunting roads in your locality. Make sure to have your safety gears on and the emergency number on your speed dial. Pack your bag pack with all the essentials like food, water, first-aid kits, an extra pair of goggles and much more. Getting a saddle messenger bag to keep on-the-go stuff is an excellent idea for both bikers and solo travelers. Spread your patriotism wherever you ride by tying a pennant of American Flag on your bike. Happy biking!

2. Plan A Road Trip to The Capital

Road trip to The Washington, DC on Independence Day 2018

The celebrations on Fourth of July at the Capital is pretty intense and is worth attending. Every year on 4th of July, Washington DC host a big Independence Day parade that is open for everyone. The ceremony will be momentous with military demonstrations, floats, boats and much more. A patriot at heart must attend this parade at least for once in his/her lifetime.

Plan a road trip with your family or friends to the Capital for experiencing this mesmerizing event. Make sure you got the right playlists and the right guy to be the shotgun. Plan regular interval breaks after every 50-60 miles covered to avoid driver fatigues and drowsiness. Load up snacks and drinks from the nearest gas station to cover up your hunger pangs. Stopping somewhere in a grassy meadow for a small picnic will make your whole trip more exciting and eventful. Load up your picnic basket with fresh fruits and jelly bean sandwiches along with fresh fruit juices. Set up your picnic blanket and plates under the shade of a tree to experience the real vibes of summer and its beauty.

3. Get Ready For The Folklife Festival

Prepare for the Folklife festival 2018 at DC

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival of DC is one of the greatest summertime traditions of all time. With concerts, shopping markets, street foods, dances, and much more, this festival is the heaven for all travelers and food enthusiasts. Great food and great music have always been the tempting factor of Folklife festivals. This year’s festival starts from June 29th – July 4th, 2018 and is expected to be as best as the past one.

Before hitting the roads make sure that you are all prepared for the Folklife festival 2018. Find the perfect dress and ornaments that go along well so that you stand out from the crowd. Bead necklaces for Folklife festival and hand bands are the latest fashion icons which you can try to give yourself a hippie makeover. Harem pants and funky glasses will perfectly blend with your attire making you the center of attraction.

4. Giddy Up

horse riding on 4th July 2018

This is more of a summer activity than a 4th of July week activity. Make use of this summer to fulfill your cowboy/ cowgirl wannabe dreams. Being a rider is one of the most robust and exciting things in the whole world. There might be farms in your locality which provides summertime training classes for horse riding. Reach them in person or through call and inquire about every information you need to know before enrolling. Your inquiry must include details of the training hours, availability of safety gears, any accidental insurances and the medical condition of the horses. Always be safe and follow the instructions.

5. Up, Up and Away

Attend New Jersey’s balloon festival on independence day 2018

Ballooning is one of the largest summertime madness that’s common in July. And the Independence week is the perfect time to take a hike up in the air. Most of the airport around the country will be hosting hot air balloon fairs starting from the last week of June. This is the time when the weather and wind are perfect for a smooth and serene take off.

New Jersey’s balloon festival which is hosted at Solberg-Hunterdon Airport is something worthy to visit. The festival features balloon rides, music concerts, marathons, magic shows, food festivals, and much more. Never miss the cheesesteaks and Italian sausages which are famous all-over the world.

6. Run From The Bulls

Run from the Big Easy Rollergirls

You must be aware of the famous bull festival (Encierro) in Spain. Well, we do have an alternative here in the U.S, but it’s much safer. In New Orleans, instead of the bulls, the contenders are chased by the Big Easy Rollergirls (the derby team) wearing horned helmets and swinging wiffle ball bats. Enrolling in this event is one of the epic things you can do in July. You will be asked to wear white clothing with red scarfs. Well, you can even find people dressed up as bulls along the race too.

7. Cool Off The Heat With A Dip

trip to the public pool on independence day to cool off the heat

With the mercury rising, opting to cool down at a watery oasis might be the best thing you can think of to relieve yourself from the scorching sun. Take a trip to the nearest outdoor public pools or a beach to cool off the heat.


With the United States gaining freedom from the monolithic clutches of Great Britain on July 2nd, 1776, and issuing the Declaration of Independence on July 4th of the same year, it indeed has been a long journey for us both in technology and emerging as a superpower in the world. Respecting the nation’s humble beginnings and taking pride in its achievements are the traits of a true patriot and this is something we all must cherish on. Welcome July and the Independence week 2018 with these seven tips to enjoy the most of the midsummer.

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