Top 10 Ideas You Should Add To Your 2018 New Year Resolution Checklist

New year's resolutions 2018

“What will be your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?”

Even though we are preparing for the upcoming Christmas, but this would be a great time to think about the coming New Year. New Year is a great way to start your life again with new hopes and decisions; it is just like a reset button for the life you are living right now.
When there’s a New Year then there will be a resolution checklist too. Resolutions are mainly decided to create something fresh above themselves and trying to achieve it. It’s always good to make resolutions as it is a way to look forward to the coming year with optimism. This is also a great time to accept your previous year’s flaws and mistakes to come up with ways to overcome these hurdles.
If you are looking for some fresh New Year resolution Ideas, this might be the perfect spot for you!!! Here are top 10 ideas you should add to your 2018 New Year’s resolution checklist….

1. Eat, Drink & Live Healthy

Health tops our checklist for resolutions for 2018. If you have conquered the whole Universe, how good will it do if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it? Go on a vegan diet once or twice in a week to keep your body’s metabolism intact and perfect.

2. Meditate & Sleep

You might think this is ridiculous to be on the list. But, believe us…it does need to be here! Now, think of a day when you’ve had a proper sleep. For a healthy and well-circulated body and mind, proper rest is inevitable. And the only way you can achieve this through a minimum 6 hours of sleep.

Sleeping and meditation can do a huge impact on your day-to-day routine. Meditating helps to improve your mood, reduces stress, and lessens anxiety; well, in short, keeps your alive mentally. This might be a valuable addition to your resolution checklist.

Par Your Comfort Zone to Try New Things

3. Par Your Comfort Zone

A fear of rejection, judgment, failure or anything else can be very misleading and corner you to a dark and opaque section of life. Once you get to taste any of the said you try to act carefully, well maybe a lot more careful or even try to avoid the situation when it shows up again. Now, you have a comfort zone!

Gaining the guts to par your comfort zone is easy said than done. This requires a lot of courage and time which is why you must focus on building up your confidence to par it.

4. Upgrade Your Fashion Sense

This New Year might be perfect if you are planning to keep your fashion sense hyped. Research on the latest trends in the fashion industry and try implementing a few. Well, you can come up
with something creative too.

Learn Something New On this new year 2018

5. Learn Something New

You must never look back on an opportunity where you can learn something new. This is something you need to focus on to improve for this New Year. It could be anything like; a photography session, a dance class, or even learn a new language. Be thirsty for knowledge!!!

6. Read More Books

Everyone has a book that they’ve been longing to read for months or even years but couldn’t find the right time to read it. Well, this too can be a resolution!!! Find time for yourself for once in a while. Make use of this time by doing your most favorite thing. Maybe reading your favorite book or starting with a new one would be a great stuff to treat yourself to.

Random Act of Kindness on the list of new year's resolutions 2018

7. Random Act of Kindness

A random act of kindness not only makes you more humane but also keeps your mind a bit less stressful. Resolutions are all about reincarnating a new you, so it is always better if you end up helping someone who is in need. You pick the cause; it could be anything like volunteering for a social service event, a dinner for the homeless, or a day in the old age home. You can also donate your clothes, toys or give a secret gift to a random stranger. Be the reason behind someone’s smile!!!

Transfer Your Home on the list of new year resolution

8. Transform Your Home

You must be well aware of the environment you are living in and add a few changes to it so that you can increase your productivity and creativity. Transforming your home should be a definite addition to your New Year resolution checklist. A fresh hue, or a few more home decors collection or you can even consider a whole new renovation.

9. Drink Less and Smoke Less

Well, this is on you! If you intend to live a few more years, we would suggest you drink less and smoke less. This won’t be possible without a great deal of willpower and motivation. Quitting a habit you picked up while growing is really difficult you if there’s a will there’s always a way! Use nicotine gums and swatches if you are having the urge to smoke. But, just go easy on yourself. Don’t force your body to change right away…

Meet Someone on the list of new year's resolution ideas

10. Meet Someone

Being single is soo 2017! Make 2018 the year you meet that special someone. If you don’t have a special one till now, maybe you aren’t trying harder. You don’t need to be that kind of person who can just start chatting with any cute girls you met at the café to find your perfect love. Get social. There are thousands of online dating sites from which you can try. Meet that special someone who will hold your hands until the last breath!


The New Year is when you think about the past and more importantly, reflect on how you can improve yourself for the upcoming year. This is the time to know your limitations and finding ways to overcome them. Well, don’t let your efforts go in vain….

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