Memorial Day 2018: The Right Ways to Show Gratitude to the Martyrs as A True Patriot

“There is nothing nobler than risking your life for your country”

                                                                                                          : Nick Lampson

The Star-Spangled Flag that each one of us holds close to our heart has a great history behind it. From endless wars to even the bloodiest days the ‘braves’ fought, they only had one aim welded deep into their hearts; not to let the flag down! They fought with each and every speck of their bodies to protect what they hold dearest: The country.

Memorial Day or Decoration Day is observed and celebrated to pay gratitude to all the brave souls who gave away their life in service of United States of America. Regardless of the exact date or location of this day’s origin, what we can confirm is that Memorial Day was borne out of the Civil War with a pure desire to honor the “heroes”.

The History

As the scrolls in the history rule out every tiny hope of finding the origin of Memorial Day custom and traditions, it is for sure that the Civil War triggered the idea of honoring the martyrs. The spring of 1865 saw the end of the cold and gruesome years of war with the Great Civil War coming to an end. The Civil war claimed more lives than any other conflict recorded in the U.S history. This led to the establishment of the country’s first national cemeteries.

The late 1860s saw the creation of a rare but humane tradition. It was observed that people from various towns and cities began holding springtime tributes to the countless fallen soldiers by placing flags and flowers at their grave.

How to Celebrate Memorial Day in 2018

Celebrating Memorial Day alongside the family with barbecues and outdoor activities might seem fun as you get a whole weekend. But, is that the best each one of us can do as living patriots? We are the ones who need to set an example for the young generations. So, this year let’s celebrate Memorial Day with a determined and compassionate heart for our beloved martyrs.

1. Decorating Graves

Decorating Graves

Other than enjoying the luxurious feel of your plushy sofa, pay a visit to the nearest national cemetery in your area. Ask your kids to prepare custom-made thank you cards and flower bouquets. There is also a history behind decorating graves. Following the battle of Gettysburg, women from Pennsylvania and Boalsburg began placing flowers on the departed soldiers’ graves. A couple of years later, the same was followed by the women from Mississippi and Columbus.

So, by placing flowers or decorating the graves, you are not only paying your gratitude to the departed brave souls but also respecting the history. This is something your kids must watch and learn from you. So, take the initiative and visit the nearest national cemetery.

2. Share History with Your Kids

Share History with Your Kids

Molding up the young generation for a better tomorrow is mandatory. Take time to recite the stories of great wars and the importance of celebrating Memorial Day. Listen to all their questions patiently and make sure all of them get answered. Reading out a few books about the holiday can also help a lot. The Wall by Eve Bunting and Memorial Day Surprise by Theresa Golding can be some of the potential picks to help you out. Make sure you keep the whole session interesting.

3. Decorate Your Home

Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home for the upcoming Memorial Day should be on your priority list. Involve your kids too in decorating your home. Ask them to come up with Memorial Day craft ideas and help them make it. An American Flag wreath is a must for your Memorial Day decorations. Add a few American soldier figurines and American flag ribbons in your living room to bring out the vibe of Memorial Day.

4. Attend the Memorial Day Parade

Attend the Memorial Day Parade

As a true patriot by heart, you must attend or visit the largest Memorial Day parade in the country. This is a real opportunity to show your support and love towards the brave martyrs and their families. Before hitting the road for heading to the parade make sure you got a few patriotic motorcycle balloons and Memorial Day special ornaments to stand out from the crowd.

5. Thank A Veteran

Thank a Veteran

Do you know the reason behind why each and every one of us can sleep peacefully at nights? It is because your subconscious mind tells you that you are safe and protected. Well, you owe this to the soldiers who’ve been tirelessly protecting you day and night at the country borders. Memorial Day will give you an opportunity to honor the dead while leaving the door open for showing gratitude and appreciation towards the ones who are protecting us now.

Thank every soldier or members of the armed forces you come across on this day for their exemplary services for the country. Try visiting disabled or wounded veterans with flowers and care packages on this day to show your gratitude towards them. Ask your kids to write thank-you letters and pin it along the flowers and care packages.

“A hearty letter and smile costs nothing but gives much.”


Memorial Day weekend seems like a great time for a barbecue, family gatherings, and camping.  We all feel excited as the arrival of Memorial Day weekend gives the feeling of the start of summer. But as a patriot, we should never forget the true meaning of this day and instill the same in our kids. Hope you enjoy the Memorial Day with the above ideas.

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