Make This Father’s Day Special for Your Beloved Dad

Make This Father’s Day Special for Your Beloved Dad

Call him the captain of your ship, a protector safeguarding your valuables, a genie who grants all your wishes, a superhero who jumps in front of you to keep you safe, an encyclopedia head who has all the answers of your questions, or moreover call him DAD! Your dad is the mixture of everything cool that you can think of in the whole world. For a man whose entire life revolves around you, sacrificing his needs for your happiness with expecting nothing in return, words might fall short in expressing gratitude.

As your mother is a synonym of love for you, your dad is the synonym for unconditional love. Father’s Day is the day to show your gratitude towards him and thank him for protecting and believing in you the whole time. Even though the date and custom of celebrating this day differ from continents to countries, the only thing that remains the same is the spirit of this occasion.

Here are some ways to make this Father’s Day special for your beloved dad….

1. Let Him Take a Day Off

dad taking rest on father's day 2018

Even though Father’s Day 2018 falls on 17th June this Year which is a Sunday, let your dad take a day off and sleep in. Dads are always hard-working whether it’s at work or home. Finding an ample time to rest between his day and night job shifts might be difficult. So, on this Father’s Day let him take a day off and allow him to tuck inside the blankets and sleep in. Turn off all the alarms and make sure to lay your voice low to ensure him a quiet sleep. Surprise him with an on-bed breakfast encompassing all his favorite morning dishes. Get a suitable bed breakfast table which is sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

2. Hug and Wish Him Father’s Day

hug your father on father's day 2018

We humans hug each other to show our affection and love to others. Even though embracing your dad might seem awkward for you as an adult, but believe us, a tight handshake and a warm hug from you can make his day. Since summer vacation starts on the same week of Father’s Day, make plans to visit home and greet your dad a happy Father’s Day. Make sure you aren’t returning home empty-handed. Ask your mom what your dad needs the most and buy it for him to make his day special. Well, if you don’t have an idea of what gift to buy for dad, then a premium wooden charging station can be something to start with.

3. Let Him Lead the Day

spend time with father for father's day celebration

You may have millions of ideas to celebrate Father’s Day, but giving your dad the freedom to choose how to spend the day will make him feel exceptionally special. Respect his needs and wishes on this day even though it supersedes your plans. It’s his day and let him enjoy the day to the fullest. It might be a walk in the park or a picnic to the nearest meadows or even a fishing course. Tag along with him and support him in every decision he makes. This is also a perfect time to spend some quality time with your dad. If your dad is a ‘beer junky’, make use of this opportunity to have a few rounds of his favorite beer. Make sure you have the perfect beer glasses and beer ice buckets to enjoy this moment.

4. Cook For Him

cook for father on father's day

There might be a few dishes your dad loves but has pushed away because you never liked it or due to other reasons. Come up with a plan which includes your mom and cook him his favorite dish. Be ready to go even to the end of the world for finding him his dreamy dish as he would’ve done the same for you. It could also be a recipe only your grandmom knows. Ring her up or meet her to get the recipe and cook exactly just as your grandmom used to prepare for him. This would catch him by surprise and will take him to a walk down the memory lane. If you want to make it more special for him by coming up with a fresh new recipe from a recipe book, make sure you’ve done proper homework before indulging yourself into cooking. Well, even a burnt bread can kill the whole dining experience.

5. Get the Grill Out

backyard grill setup to celebrate father's day 2018

Father’s Day is the perfect day to bring your backyard grill to life. Plan an in-house steak dinner for your dad. Come up with a romantic setup in your backyard for your dad and mom. Make them feel like they are on a date and ask them to tell the story of how they met. Get the best steak in the market and wine for your parents. Make sure you know your way around a grill and barbecue grill accessories. Find the best steak recipe and feast upon it.

6. Make It a Family Event

family reunion on father's day

Father’s Day is the perfect day for a family reunion. Gather your family for a dinner party so that everyone has a great time. Respect and wish all the father figures in your family on this day by appreciating their hard work. Give them ‘thank you‘ cards to make this day a memorable one.


The role of a father is often relegated to a secondary status as compared to a mother’s. But we all do know that the role of a father is just as important as a mother’s role. The character of a child depends on how he’s brought up by his father. Take advantage of this year’s Father’s Day for appreciating and thanking your dad for making you a better human being.

Wishing a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there….

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