Fun Things to Do With Your BFF on Friendship Day

Fun Things to Do With Your BFF on Friendship Day

“Just remember if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.”- Rick Riordan

From saving your contact number with a funny name to listening to your pointless stories to trolling you on social media to celebrating good times to being your support system when time gets tough if they’ve been there and loved you through-and-through…Congrats! You’ve got a best friend for life!

It may sound cliché but it’s true that friends are a blessing! And there’s no other bond which is so pure and benevolent like friendship. This might be the reason why everyone seeks a friend in their life partner, parents, and even siblings. With August being around the corner, the most anticipated – Friendship Day 2018 is all set to step in with heaps of love and excitement. Let’s make this fiesta of friendship a memorable one for our dear amigos without whom life wouldn’t be so colorful and peppy!

Celebrate the feeling of togetherness on Friendship Day with these ideas…

1. Recreate Your First Meeting

Recreate first meeting with best friend

Remember the first time you met your BFF? Yeah! The very first time when you just found your weird-mate and connected instantly! Relive those insanely crazy days by heading to the places where you’ve had your hang out sessions. Have a hectic work schedule? No problem! Call off work by giving the same excuse to your respective bosses. But hey! Don’t blame us if you get caught. Who knows, your bosses might be hanging out there with their best friends!

2. Give Makeover to Each other

makeover of your best friend on friendship day 2018

Giving a makeover to your best friend can be exciting as well as challenging! But, it’ll be guaranteed fun! All you’ll need to do is buy various accessories like stylish sunglasses, sophisticated watches, and Kurt Adler ornaments to doll up them from head to toe. Here is the basic rule for makeover huddle – You can’t interfere while your bestie is giving you a makeover and vice versa. No cheating! And yes! Don’t forget to click pictures once you are done!

3. Get Your Zen-On

spend quality time with best friend

Since its summer, the best thing you can do is head to the nearest beach or park with your best friend to unwind completely. Nothing on earth could match the happiness of being in the arms of Mother Nature. Forgetting all the worries for a while, try to live in the moment, let the silence speak, feel the bliss, and enjoy the R & R time. Ahhh…pulchritudinous! What else would one need after this? This is totally an oddball way to spend quality time with friends.

4. Try Wine Tasting

wine tasting with bff on friendship day 2018

Love wine? What are you waiting for? Sip, Swirl, Swallow! Visit your locality to find out whether they have any wine tasting ceremony going on. Don’t be disheartened if there aren’t any too. Get a premium wine and a set of Waterford crystal wine glasses along with some high-quality cheddar cheese to have your own wine tasting ceremony at home. Loosen up, drink, gossip, laugh out together, and have a ball!

5. Everyone Loves Surprises

Surprise personalize gift for your bestie on friendship day

Nothing says “you’re my best friend forever” than a personalized gift such as locket key chain. It’s the most old-school yet powerful way to express your feelings. Confused? What to buy for your best buddy? Check out Lijo Décor and choose from thousands of cute gift items. We assure you’ll find something which your friend will absolutely love! On top of that, you can avail 15% off on any gift by applying the code: ‘Decor15’ and a nostalgic note along with the gift would be a cherry on the cake!

6. Special Tip: Before You Leave…

four legged best friend

While you’re caught up with planning activities for Friendship Day, you might miss out on something very important. So, here’s a reminder for everyone who has a four-legged best friend! Whether you have a cat or dog, don’t forget to pamper them this Friendship Day because you may have many BFFs, but they just have only one. Your loving gesture is sure to brighten up their day.


Regardless of how busy you are, set aside some time to have fun with your friends. These Friendship Day ideas for best friend are complete fun and wacky. So, make sure to give them a shot! Do share and comment if you loved these ideas and yes if you have some different thoughts we would love to hear them from you! Cheerio till we meet next time with more interesting stuff! Happy Friendship Day!

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