Delightful Grandparents Day Celebration Ideas That’ll Tug on Your Heartstrings

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” –  Alex Haley

Apart from being the backbone of our family, grandparents are the official pioneers in the business of ‘Spoiling Children with Love’. Spending time with kids seems to be their favorite stress buster. They don’t need big things for being happy, their face lights up simply by embracing their grandchildren, and they love them like anything. This is why the endearing relationship of grandparents with the little rug rats is the most cherished one! This year, 9th of September will mark the Grandparents Day 2018. Give this sweet relationship wings by spending quality time with your grandparents.

Here are delightful Grandparents Day Celebration Ideas that’ll tug on your heartstrings…

1. Rent Their Favorite Vintage Car

Rent Grandparents Favorite Vintage Car to spend a day with them

Vroom- Vroom…! Kickstart your Grandparents Day celebrations by renting their favorite vintage car for a day. Flowers, cards, and chocolates, perfumes – that’s too clichéd. If you’re hoping to make this Grandparents Day a memorable one, then nothing could be better than going on a long drive with your grandma and grandpa. Sure, you must have been planning to visit a zoo or some special place with them, double the excitement by arranging a vintage car. If your grandparents are too old to drive a car, then, ask your parents for help or look for a trustworthy driver.

2. Cook a Traditional Recipe Together

cook a recipe with grandparents

There’s an adage, “A family that eats together, stays together”. But, it’s 2018, and you need to follow the upgraded version of it “A family that cooks together, stays together!” If you were planning to go out with your grandparents for dinner, drop the idea there and then. Cooking together with your grandparents is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond. Therefore, we insist that you cook the food at home. There must be a special recipe that your granny has passed on to your mom. You can ask her to teach you the delicious recipe. Serve the dish with love in the Vietri Dinner Plates. There are two major perks of cooking at home, one is, you’ll get to spend quality time together, and the other is that the food will be healthy.

3. Take a Special Interview

interview with grandparents on grandparents day 2018

Let’s face it – As a kid, we all have grown up getting punished for watching too much television or eating junk food. Ever thought of how your parents were during their childhood? Did they study seriously? Did they eat green veggies? Were they as naughty as you are? This is the time you ask your grandparents how your parents behaved like a kid! Curious to know their secrets? Get your creative juices flowing and prepare a list of questions right away! It’ll surely be great fun to listen to their childhood stories.

4. Heartfelt Message in a Jigsaw Puzzle

play jigsaw puzzle with grandparents

‘Can you help me solve this puzzle?’ Take help of your grandparents for solving a jigsaw puzzle. Now you might think what’s so outstanding about this idea? Well, there is something special! Very special! You’ll have to hide a secret message in it. For instance, you can hide a simple – ‘I love you’ which will be revealed the moment the puzzle gets completed. While this idea may sound too simple, it is bound to touch the heart of your grandparents.

5. Play a Prank

play a prank with grandparents on grandparents day

Yes! You read that right! Playing a prank on grandparents can be entertaining! Remember, how much you were scolded for spilling food while eating? Well, you have to repeat the same, and this time you have to spill the food without spilling anything! Confused? Well, you can easily find fake spilled food props in the local market that look extremely realistic. Rest you know how to tickle their funny bone!

Important Tip: You are free to try any prank of your choice. But don’t do something extreme as they might panic and it could ultimately affect their health.

6. Frame Your Handprints

frame handprints of grandparents and your to keep a memory

In this digital era, where no occasion is complete without sending wishes through social media, personalized handmade gifts still hold a special place. So, get crafty and unleash your creative side by executing this idea. Grab some vibrant colors and take their handprints on a blank paper. Include your impressions too for vivifying its cuteness! When everything’s set, buy a beautiful Waterford Picture Frame and gift it to your darling nana and nanny. Besides a touching present, this handprint frame might be the best addition to their home decor. Think about it! We’re certain that they’ll adore it.

7. As a Grandparent…

give gift for grandchildren

As a grandparent, is there anyone dear to you than your grandkids? They give you a listening ear, unconditional love – not to mention, the little angels never seem to run out of warm hugs! Shower your cute kiddos with special surprises this Grandparents Day. If your grandchildren are school going, you can opt for this amazing set of lost jungle animals from Burton & Burton. For teenagers, this eye-catching Solvar Brooch is a perfect choice!


Every day is a blessing in the presence of our grandparents. Let this Grandparents Day be the most beautiful day of their lives. Do experiment with our ideas and bring a smile to the face of grandpappy and grandmomma. In case you’re planning to buy any of the mentioned gifts, just apply the coupon code “Decor15” and avail 15% discount on all the products exclusively on Lijo Decor. Wishing you a wonderful Grandparents Day!

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