Best Father’s Day Gifts To Show Your Appreciation and Love Towards Him

Best Father’s Day Gifts To Show Your Appreciation and Love Towards Him

“Your dad is the best thing that has ever happened to you.” Most of you might agree to the same. But, when it comes to showing him your gratitude and love, most of us fall behind. Your dad has given you all the best things in life including his time, care and love. Yet, we aren’t sure of how to pay him back for all the things even though he never demands or expect returns. With Father’s Day 2018 arrival, the year has given you a chance to fill your dad with all your love and gratitude. Making use of this opportunity in the right way will mean a lot to him and strengthen your father-son/ father-daughter bonds.

Since the plot is set, it is your responsibility to make June 17th one of the best days your dad will ever remember when he looks down the memory lane. Even though there’s still time (almost two weeks) to implement your plans, finding some gifts for him might take time. The challenge is that you’ll have to make sure the gift is a sensible one and at the same time cherish-able. Here are some of the best gifts you can add to ‘Father’s Day Plans & Gift Ideas’ shortlist….

1. Help Your Dad Groom Up

Help Your Dad Groom Up on father's day by gifting razor set

Most of you might have grown up watching your dad shave and groom himself. For girls it wouldn’t mean much but, for boys, it is a plot to watch and learn from their dad. Make use of this Father’s Day to tidy up your dad by helping him shave and groom up. Get rid of his old and rusty razor blades and get him a premium new one. Because every man deserves a decent razor. Bey Berk has always known what a man needs and their Mach3 Razor set is the perfect example of it. Order one today and let the man shave with class!

2. Save The Cool Dad Look

travel case for cool day to gift on father's day

How stylish is your dad? Does he love to flaunt his aviator Ray Bans’ and expensive watches when he travels? Well, it is time to get him a new travel case just for his style icons. Most of the travel cases come with separate segments for watches and glasses as they both need extra care. Getting one for your dad as a Father’s Day gift might be the best thing that can come in handy for all his domestic and abroad travels.

 3. A Baseball Enthusiast?

Gift for Baseball Enthusiast dad

Need to know why you are the best pitcher in your school/ high school team? It’s because of your dad for sure! Your dad might have bought your first baseball kit when you were still a kid. It is called passing down the knowledge to younger generations. For all those regular pitching and swing practices he gave you needs proper appreciation. So, if you are still in search of the perfect gift for your baseball enthusiast dad, getting him a new pair of baseball gloves signed by his favorite player might do the trick. Also, try giving anything related to baseball along with the gift like a baseball paperweight, bobbleheads, etc… to double his joy.

4. A Motor Head

motorcycle things for bike lover dad on father's day 2018

Does your dad love to ride? Does he often go for road trips on his motorcycle with his friends? Then, gifting him a cool biker jacket or gloves will mean a lot to him. Always tell him to wear his safety gears and ride safely. If you are a motor junky just like your dad, getting a few customizations done on his motorcycle will mean the world to him. It is time to go searching for a new skull head headlights and brake lights. You can also try gifting him motorcycle figurines or resin banks if you are less in the budget.

5. Gift For Your Favorite Writer

Premium Pen Gift For Your Writer dad

Do you love your dad’s works? Is he your favorite writer? It is time to appreciate his works by gifting him a premium pen. A pen is mightier than a sword, and yes it is. Do you know what’s even mightier than a pen? Emotions. Even though your dad’s write-ups aren’t published yet, or it’s just a hobby for him, it is always the right thing to do by supporting and appreciating his work. Make Father’s Day 2018 special and emotional for him with a warm hug.

6. Have an all-rounder Dad?

gift a tool box to your dad on father's day

Does your dad have a knack for repairing everything that he comes across? Getting a gift for all-rounder dads might be pretty tricky as there is a chance that he might try to open and repair your gift making the whole situation awkward and exacerbate. Finding something handy like a tool box set or a Swiss army knife as a gift might catch his attention. A Swiss knife might be the perfect pick both as a handy tool and a gift. Even though he probably might have one, gifting a brand new one will always mean much and two is always better than one!

7. Save Your Dad’s Money and Cards

Bey Berk’s Leather Wallet to gift on father's day

Is your dad a bit clumsy when it comes to organizing money and his cards? Getting him a wallet with card holder on this Father’s Day might help him keep the cash and cards intact. Bey Berk’s Black Leather Wallet is one of the finest examples of style and security. With these, there won’t be any more scattered dollar bills or misplaced credit cards. Well, make sure he doesn’t lose his wallet!!! Set a reminder on his phone for reminding him to check for his wallet in every 3-4 hour interval.

8. Hit The Gym Together

Father’s Day gift your fitness freak dad

Hitting the gym together with your dad always seems special. It is just like having a personal trainer who motivates you to go extra mile. So, make use of this Father’s Day to gift your fitness freak dad a gift with which he can keep himself motivated. A fitness band from Fitbit can be one of the best gifts you can find for him. It is also a great option to get some new gym gears or a cool water bottle which can keep his water/ juice chilled.

9. A Journal To Remember Every Moments

Journal as a Father’s Day gift

Does your dad love to maintain his daily journal? Then gifting him a good journal as a Father’s Day gift can lift up his hopes. It will show him that you support and value his thoughts and habits. Even though he might be having an enormous collection of journals, the one that you’ll gift him will be special for him. Ask him to write only his favorite and best memories on this journal and label it “The Best Days of My Life.” It’s for sure that, June 17th is going to be there!!!

10. For Your Music Buff Dad

Piano keychain for music lover dad

Getting a gift for your music lover dad is pretty simple. You’ll have abundant gift ideas that might flow into your head when your dad loves music. It could be a new instrument, a new music sheet, or even one of your own compositions. Music has the power to control emotions and the ones who control music were considered magicians. If you are running low on the budget this month, it would be great if you can come up with something cute and sweet like a music note pendant or a piano keychain as a gift. Always know that your dad’s love won’t be based on how big or costly your gift is.

11. Tag Along In Fishing

Going for fishing on Father’s Day

Going for fishing on Father’s Day, or any other auspicious days might be a family tradition for you. It is something that might have been passed down to your dad by your granddad, to your granddad by your great granddad and now it’s time for you to acquire the tradition and knowledge. This Father’s Day might be the perfect day to gift your dad a new fishing rod and reel set for respecting the culture and passing down the family tradition successively. Your gift will mean a lot to him, and the emotions that he feels inside can only be understood when you are in his shoes teaching your son/daughter to fish.

12. Keep His Beer Chilled

Add a beer chiller to your Father’s Day gift list

Nothing tastes better than a chilled beer on a hot sunny day! Your dad might be a die-hard fan of chilled beer, and it is time to make it more exciting. Add a beer chiller to your Father’s Day gift list and let your dad enjoy his beer chilled for hours. This can also be used to keep your water and wine chilled. No more hot beers!!!

13. The Perfect Cufflinks

Father’s Day by gifting your dad a pair of cufflinks

Cufflinks are cool and mandatory for someone who likes to dress elegantly. Well, make this Father’s Day great by gifting your dad a pair of cufflinks to increase his style factor. You can find a variety of cufflinks both online or at the nearest Walmart and Target. Cufflinks is a brand, which is famous for coming up with varieties of designs in manufacturing cufflinks. One of their new products features a 2GB storage pen drive. Well, these USB cufflinks are definitely something worth purchasing for your tech lover dad. Let the man dress in style with tech!

14. Never Run Out Of Battery

Gift your dad a power bank on father's day 2018

Does your dad always complain his phone drains out of charge quick? Well, it is time for a battery replacement or a new phone. Get him a new phone on this Father’s day to show your love and appreciation towards him. If you are running low on the budget, it would be wise if you stick with saving a few bucks and getting him a power bank instead.

Father’s Day is not always about giving gifts to your dad. It is all about the love, gratitude, and support you give him when he deserves it. Use these gifts along with your warm wishes and hugs to make him feel special.

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