A To Z Ideas For Throwing A Unique Halloween Party In The Town

A to Z Ideas for throwing a Unique Halloween Party in the Town

“Boohoo, Run-Run-Run! The ghost is holing up behind the white curtain…”

Oh, really? Just shut up! One has to be a 5 years old kid to believe that ghosts exist! Duh! How the hell can I scare my guests on Halloween night? Well, defy the humdrum rules and do something out of the box. Just wearing creepy Halloween costumes and doing weird makeup won’t suffice. Then, what? Imagination! And for imagining, you need brains. That’s all.

Come on folks, switch on your brain, dive in this article and take off some pearls of Halloweenism!

#1 Themes are Boring!

Halloween themes be the no theme

Still stuck in the 80’s? Following oh-so-boring Halloween themes? Here’s the first pearl for you – Just toss this idea and ask your guests to be whatever they want. Let randomness and no-theme be the actual theme! Be wild and for a change – dress not to impress! Your guests will get a chance to explore their creative side making your Halloween jamboree talk of the town.

#2 Mah Halloween Mah Rules

halloween invitation card for the party

Skip the drama. There’s no compelling reason to invite the entire city. Make a list of your close friends and keep your Halloween gala a low-key affair. Once you decide whom to invite, create personalized invitations. When the trailer is interesting, people definitely look forward to the movie. Similarly, your invitation card is important to entice the guests. A number of Halloween invitation card ideas are available on the internet, pick the ones you like and let the fun begin.

#3 Create a Spine-Chilling Ambiance

Halloween home décor

Create a spine-chilling ambiance by giving your home a spooktacular makeover. Whether you want to transform your home into a graveyard or haunted house, you need to do detailing. Buy some spooky Halloween stuff and place it smartly across your home for thrilling your guests. If you’re befuddled about from where to buy best eerie accessories at affordable prices, Lijo Décor is the answer! Just for Halloween enthusiasts like you, Lijo Décor is giving a discount of 15% on Halloween home décor along with free shipping. Simply apply the coupon code ‘Decor15’ for availing the offer.

#4 Guests Love Food

halloween food for the halloween party 2018

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. While some might get confused but, all foodies will absolutely relate to this quote. Take your Halloween swag on a new level by arranging hauntingly great food for your guests. Evoke your hidden creative powers and adorn your snacks with a creepy twist. Be mentally prepared because it will devour a great deal of time but, it will be definitely worth the investment.

#5 Give Me Some More Drinks

wine drinks for halloween party

A dine is incomplete without a glass of wine. Fulfill everyone’s ‘WINEderlust’ by pairing classy wines like Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Riesling with Waterford Wine Glasses. Since your guests would be in an excited mood, they might carelessly place the wine glasses here and there. So, make sure you set a bar counter at the corner space and embellish it with a customized bar signboard. Once you’re done with the decoration, gather superlative wines and enjoy oops I drink it again moments!

#6 Music, Camera, and Action!

drink and dance on music on halloween party

Winelicious evening and trendy music are certain to draw out the Michael Jackson in everyone. Capture the quirky dance moves of your guests with a camera and please do the noble cause of sending it to them afterward. We’re confident they’ll remember your Halloween bash forever.*Wink*

#7 Halloween Party is over

halloween party is over

And…sadly it’s time to say cheerio to your guests! You can plan a sweet ending to your spree by gifting cute halloween favors to your guests. Confused about what to buy? Take this Dept56 Halloween Skeleton right away. Before the naughty skeleton escapes the graveyard, add it to cart and give away to your guests making the Halloween party 2018 a memorable one.


Cast a spell on your house with these A to Z Halloween party ideas and make your Halloween celebration outstanding! And if you have any other ideas, do share with us in the comment section below. Wish you a boo-tiful Halloween!

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