7 Must Things You Need For St. Patrick’s Day 2018


Well, here is a fact! When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it simply doesn’t get any bigger than being in the heart of Dublin. But, the celebrations back here in the US isn’t too shabby either. St. Patrick’s Day 2018 is celebrated worldwide on 17th of March. This is the day when the world goes green. When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, few of the things that might pop in your mind could be green beers, shamrock designed accessories and t-shirts that say:” Kiss me, I’m Irish”. Well, there is more to this day than meets the eye.

Apart from the boisterous and sprightly behavior, St. Patrick’s Day is all about the idea of spreading love and sharing the pride in being an Irish. To celebrate and adore the real spirit of St. Patrick’s Day you must need a few things. This article is all about some must have things which help you to know more about the day’s specialty and Irish community, so that you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day will all your heart along with the world.

Here are 7 must have things you need for St. Patrick’s Day….

1. A Leprechaun Costume


Well, it is time to hide your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Leprechauns have a crucial role in Irish stories and folktales. Likewise, they also have a great role when it comes down to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and parades. Leprechauns are often depicted as a little-bearded man, wearing a green coat and green hat. These are solitary mythical creatures who spend their time making and mending shoes. So, an over-sized cobbler shoe is must when you are planning to be a leprechaun to this day. They are often mischievous by nature, which makes them a perfect fit for pranksters and little kids.

Make sure to be creative on the costume to make them stand out from the crowd. Try wearing a green and white striped knee-length socks along with shoes to get into the character.

2. Green Shamrock Glasses


St. Patrick’s Day is all about being funkier when it comes to the attire. As the overall theme is a green shamrock or clover leaves, fashion designers have decided to do the extra mile by creating shamrock designed glasses. These are exclusively for St. Patrick’s Day and we do recommend to get your hands on one of these ‘bad boys’. They look cool and funky at the same time. You can get these from both online and offline stores.

If you don’t find the exact need of getting a shamrock glass, there’s still a way to get things done right. Pick out your favorite pair of aviator sun shades. Get a pair of green cut-outs of shamrocks or clover leaves and stick them on the glasses.

3. Beer Glasses


Where’s the fun in St. Patrick’s Day without a glass of Guinness or ‘a green beer’. Beer is one among the staples for St. Paddy’s Day since ages and will stay the same on St. Paddy’s Day 2018. Visiting a pub sounds fun but, carrying around a glass of beer sound way cooler. Don’t hesitate from trying the green beer as all they contain is a just green colored dye. But, we do suggest you drink in style. The Artland’s Oasis Mason Jar Beer Mug will make sure this part is well covered. Enjoy tour black ale or green beer in style with these set of essential beer mugs.

4. Patrick’s Day Balloons


Balloons are one of the most used decoration accessories all over the world for every type of parties or holidays. St. Patrick’s Day also has its own set of custom designed balloons that stand out from the rest of the holidays. Burton & Burton’s are one of the leading balloon manufacturers and are the best. Their St. Patrick Day special balloons are popular and can be found all along the parade. Get yourself a clover shaped or themed balloons to blend in with the crowd to enjoy this day to the fullest.

 5. Potted Clover


Clover might seem like a nettlesome problem for your yard but, this isn’t always the case. Clover leaves have been pictured with St. Patrick’s Day for centuries since St. Paddy used them to explain the Holy Trinity. So, clover is not just a weed or plant for Irish. It is an emotion of mixed feelings and belief. If you are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2018, then do it right by having a potted clover cluster in your home. Make sure you pick out a white flower pot as the green color of the leaves look extravagant in white.

You can also try some hanging flower pots for the clovers to make your home looks more appealing.

6. A Pie Serving Dish


If there’s one thing St. Patrick’s Day is famous for other than the green beers and parade, then it’s the shepherd’s pie. Irish love shepherd’s pie and love them to be more beefy and juicy. So, if you are planning to make a shepherd’s pie, make sure you are presenting it well as the presentation of food is considered as one of the dining etiquettes in Ireland. Make sure to come up with the best recipes for the pie with extra beef and cabbages.

If you are looking for some best serving dishes for your pie’s presentation, we recommend trying one from Juliska’s Berry & Thread series.

7. A Decent Crystalware


A decent crystalware is the most crucial part of every dining table. How would it feel if you are drinking Chateau Lafite in a dull glass? So, just like every dinner parties, St. Patrick’s Day dinner should also have decent crystalware. Waterford should be the brand if you are looking for something in the premium section.

Just like the beer and wine, Irish coffee is one among the most devoured drink on this day. Waterford has especially worked their magic on creating Irish coffee glasses which are magnificent and praiseworthy at the same time.


Saint Patrick, “Apostle of Ireland,” was known for establishing Christianity in Ireland, driving snakes from the island, and teaching about God through the green-leafed shamrock. What he may best be known, for now, is the inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated each year on March 17. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day which you can dedicate to learn more about Ireland and its history. Make sure you go through the list mentioned above to enjoy this day right to its core.

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