6 Beautiful Ways to Make Women’s Day Special

“I think the most important thing people can do to save our planet and the human race is to empower women! “: Robert Ballard

She is sensitive and cries at the drop of the hat but, she’s strong enough to fight the whole world when it comes down to her loved ones! A loving mother, cute daughter, smart wife, adorable sister, best friend… and what not! She’s a living Goddess! She’s a Woman!

A woman is truly the greatest blessing of all! We salute all the lovely ladies out there. It’s because of you; this world is a better place to live. You take care of everyone all 365 days without complaining and now it is time for you to take a break and pamper yourself. 8th of March is officially the day that is dedicated to women all over the world. Take this Women’s day 2018 as an opportunity to love yourself.

Here are beautiful ways to make Women’s Day special.

1. Meet Your Girlfriends


Do you remember the last time you met your girlfriends? We bet you don’t! And, we completely understand that you were busy with those routine work and family. But hey! There’s no need to feel sorry. Women’s day is the best time for you to reunite with your precious friends. You can invite them to your place and have a champagne lunch together! We recommend RCR Melodia Crystal Champagne Glasses for the toast.

2. Relax at Spa

There’s too much of stress on your pretty head. Hard-working ladies like you surely deserve some time to relax and rejuvenate. We insist you to book an appointment at the best spa in your town and just completely unwind yourself. Go and get a nice body massage and if you are a fashion freak, try getting a makeover!

3. Shop, Shop, and Shop!


All the year, you resist buying the things you love. You either save the money or spend it on your children or husband. For once, allow your inner kid to come out and just buy the things you truly love, without a second thought! Ask your man to take you for shopping and just get spoiled! If you have some other plans for the day, you may try online shopping! We recommend Lijo Decor – one of the best online shopping destinations.

4. Dinner with Mom


Make the most special woman of your life feel loved this Women’s Day! Nothing can be more special than spending some quality time with your dear mom. You can embellish your balcony or terrace with Kurt Adler Twinkle Fairy Lights and create a beautiful ambience. Cook her favorite food and just speak your heart out. This would be the best way to express your gratitude and affection for everything that she has done for you. A gift like CZ Collections Gold Oval Marquise Bracelet would be cherry on the cake!

5. Be the Queen of Social Media


Women share hundreds and millions of pictures on social media every day! If you are a fan of clicking pictures, then get ready to make a unique statement this Women’s Day. Purple color signifies the power of women. So, wear a purple ribbon and pose like a princess! Let the entire world know who you truly are! You can try Burton & Burton Satin Ribbon.

6. Commitment to Yourself


Women are by nature very strong. But, sometimes they forget that they are too special to cry over a man. A bad relationship doesn’t mean the end of the world. This Women’s Day, make a commitment to yourself that you will take care of yourself no matter what happens in life. Always remember that you are courageous, beautiful, and perfect beyond words.


Celebrate the spirit of womanhood by being just the way you are. Do whatever which makes your soul happy and shine bright like a diamond! We wish you a great Women’s Day!

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