5 Spooktacular Activities to Scare your Guests on Halloween Night

“Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the tree: Tonight is Halloween!”-Dexter Kozen

On a moonless night when the wolves started to cry, an old man carrying a sharpened saw hobbled towards the cemetery. He was disappointed because he didn’t get his Halloween ‘candy’…Oh my! That’s quite spooky!

Keep calm; you’ll hear such spine-tingling fables more often because Halloween is just a month away. You might have started noodling around activities for upcoming Halloween bash 2018. But if you want something out of the box, stay glued to this article until the end. We have compiled a list of horrifying activities that’ll surely leave your guests in chills and make you talk of the town.

Here are 5 spooktacular activities to scare your guests on Halloween night…

1. Say Hello to the Spirits

playing oujja board as Halloween activity

Remember those school days when you were intrigued by Coin Planchets and Ouija boards? Admit it or not, we all have tried calling ghosts and spirits using Ouija board. They never responded back was another side of the story. Well, if you want some thrill, give it a shot on Halloween night! Lit some White Dripless Candles, take out your Ouija boards, and say hello to your invisible ghosties hanging out in the home. Don’t get scared if they greet you back. H-A-H-A-H-A!

2. Share Scary Experiences

sharing scary stories of ghost for halloween activity

And then I saw a creepy demon sitting on the ceiling fan drinking blood…!” You don’t need to wear weird costumes for freaking the hell out of your guests; scary stories would do the job. Never had such experience? Show some creativity and build up a ghoulish story. Switch off the lights of your room, ask your friends to make a circle, keep the Burton & Burton Lighted Skull Figurine in the center, and play terrifying music in the background to create gruesomeness. Once it’s done, show your story-telling skills. It will definitely raise the heartbeats even of the bravest of folks.

3. Play Pandora’s Box

Play Pandora’s Box game for halloween activity

Never heard of Pandora’s Box game? Well, we will explain it to you. So the game goes like this: You have to fill a few Empty Boxes with something unpleasant such as nasty worms or fake sticky eyeballs. That’s not it. Out of all the boxes, one would be filled with something pleasant such as chocolates. Distribute these boxes to your friends and ask them to touch the things they got in their box! It would be fun to capture their million dollar expressions. You can even keep gross-looking Halloween food items and ask them to eat! Ewww…!

4. Halloween Horror Movie Marathon

watching halloween movies for halloween activity

Nothing can be more dramatic and petrifying than watching back to back horror movies based on Halloween. Classics like – The Nightmare before Christmas, A Quiet Place, The Haunted Mansion, Hocus Pocus, Get Out, and Twitches are guaranteed to get you screaming all night. You can also ask your horror movie enthusiast pals to bring their favorites for multiplying the spookiness.

5. Dare to Enter the Graveyard

plan a visit to graveyard for halloween 2018

Take the Halloween horror to a new dimension by visiting a nearby Graveyard in the middle of the night. Most of the graveyards don’t allow visitors in the night as it might disturb the Halloween party of the dead world…Oops! Therefore, try mapping out the graveyards which allow visitors at night. If nothing works, adorn your home with Scary Halloween Stuff and throw a Graveyard theme shindig at home.


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