5 Holiday Home Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Home Cleaning Tips for holiday home decor

A well cleaned and organized home is everyone’s dream, but you might need to go to hell first to attain this. When it comes to cleaning our home the time and effort we need to put are clearly out of the question. And without any doubt, we all agree that we’re always looking for some effective alternatives to make this whole process easier.

Whether you’re planning for a holiday cleaning or just a tidying up, we always try to go a few extra miles to keep your home and home decors sparkling. No same decor can have same cleaning process. So, here are 5 home cleaning tips to make your life easier.

1. Lists Are Good

Prepare a list of cleaning

Before you start with the mammoth task a proper plan is mandatory. It is important to list all that you think that is needed to be done before your holidays begin. By being organized you will get things done faster leaving you handful of time to do all the secondary cleaning.

Plan on where to start and where to end. Divide your list into primary and secondary tasks. Primary can include rooms like the living room, dinner room, your bathroom etc. The secondary can include your wine glasses, plates, dining tables etc. For every task, you complete start by striking off those from the list.

2. Make Your Home Clutter-Less

With festivals and celebrations promoting the idea of a renewed hope you must prepare your home too for enjoying them to the core. Let’s start with the first holiday house cleaning tip, Clothes!!! Well, we all know how hectic our wardrobes can become when it comes down to making them clutter-free. You can start by donating a few good clothes that you haven’t worn lately. Expand your sort for every member in your home. You can come up with a decent figure of clothes that can be donated for the good.

Clutter-Less Home by sorting garbage

Papers can be the most gruesome and annoying clusters that you can find in your home. Well, your tax papers and documents of the past year can clearly go into the trash can. Newspapers, magazines and other monthly or weekly supplements can be also trashed. If you have a home office it is for sure that you’ll be facing a major crisis with cluttering that heaps of paperwork. Don’t rush things. Take your time for going through each of the paperwork. If found necessary they can be stored in a file holder or a portfolio and the rest goes to the trash can.

3. Divide And Conquer

Your home becomes a war zone when you are challenging it for a cleanup. So, we thought this might be the perfect time to use the traditional war strategy of Divide ‘n’ Conquer. Being in such a vast plot like your home it might be the best option if you target on one single area at a time. This will make your cleaning process more efficient and faster. And make sure to strike it off from the list you made. We would suggest you focus more on the areas where the guests are going to spend time more. The living room might be a perfect room followed by the dining room. If any of your guests are planning a sleepover prepare the bedroom where you want the guest to rest.

4. Named Storages


This is the easiest way to make your home organized and clutter-free especially if you have kids around. Allot names for different storage baskets. All the newspaper and magazines go to ‘newspaper box’, ‘toys’ will be storing all your kid’s toys etc. This will maintain a clutter-free environment and will make the cleaning process easier for you. With kids, this might be a bit difficult but encourage them to put their toys after using inside the ‘toy box’.

4. A Helping Hand

You can always ask for a helping hand in your family. With a help of your family, you can cover a larger area in lesser time. Assign tasks to them according to their age. You can’t expect your kids to help you up always as they might get bored and leave the job half done. Teach them about the responsibility they have and how important it is to get a job done when you have volunteered for it.


With Christmas around the corner and holiday decorations starting to pop up, this would be a perfect time to clean your house and prepare your family for the upcoming festival. The above steps will clearly help you out in cleaning for the holidays.

Wishing you a very happy holidays!!!

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