Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party at Home

“People, who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full, miss the point. The glass is refillable.”  Simon Sinek

Being in a lavish room with snooty suits roaming around, exchanging smiles and serving the finest wine can be an overwhelming experience. Howbeit, gone are the days when wine tasting ceremonies were considered one of the things that should be celebrated only at deluxe wine bars or five-star restaurants. You don’t have to be an elitist to taste good wine. With a little planning, a successful and surprisingly wallet-friendly wine soirée can be celebrated at your home too! If you are up for hosting a ‘wine ritual’ at home with your closed ones and want to simplify your preparations, do read the article till the end!

Here are some tips for hosting a wine tasting party at home…

1. Pick the Right Theme

wine tasting party theme

It sounds too good to be true but, there are actually more than 10,000 varieties of wine grapes available across the world. Clearly, keeping your fingers on the pulse and choosing the best from the array of wines can be a daunting task. The easiest way to begin your wine tasting party preparations is to pick a theme. You can either pick the same styled wines or entirely different ones. If you’re a lover of rich citrus and fruity flavor, you can opt for Classic German Rieslings and Chardonnay from France. Apart from that, Merlot which has a typical black-cherry flavor is also quite popular nowadays. Your options are endless. So, pick a theme and get your ducks in a row right away!

2. Keep the Party Intimate

make list of precise guest list for wine tasting party

Now that you’ve decided on a specific theme, it’s time for you to make a guest list. To be honest, less is more when it comes to a wine tasting party. We suggest you invite only your near and dear ones. It has two major benefits. First one is that it would be highly cost-effective and second is that it will ensure that all your guests get to sip a variety of wines. So, make a precise list of guests and send them a personal invitation. Since it’s a wine tasting party, ask them to arrange a cab for commutation. A close-knit group of friends, a glass of wine, and heartfelt conversations will surely make the event an unforgettable one.

3. Stock Necessary Glassware

stock wine glasses for wine tasting ceremony

Your guests will be certainly anticipating a great evening after getting a sweet invitation and drinking high-class wines in ordinary glasses is just not acceptable! Buying proper wine glassware with respect to the type of wine is one of the most important wine tasting etiquettes. Let’s say if you are serving the zippy pinot noir, you have to serve it in a triangular shaped wine glass to bring out its aroma. So, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and get some elegant Waterford Wine Glasses for the occasion to make the wine taste even better.

4. Get the Hors d’ oeuvres

hors d’ oeuvres to pairs with the wines in wine tasting party

One just cannot enjoy the sipping soirée to the fullest on an empty stomach. Agree? So, while making the arrangements, make sure to get the hors d’ oeuvres which pairs with the wines well. Lamb chops, lemons, salted nuts, dark chocolates, seafood and different kinds of cheese should suffice. In addition to that, provide a wine spit bucket to your guests for spitting the wine they don’t like too much.

5. Create the magic with Wine Tasting Games

wine tasting games to play at wine tasting party

Woo-hoo! You are almost done with the preparations! But, there’s one more element which most of the people skip and end up with a usual hum-drum party. If you don’t want to end up like them, you ought to include some fun activities and wine tasting games!  The moment your guests arrive for the sipping soiree, make them familiar with the 4 s of wine tasting ceremony – seeing, swirling, smelling and sipping. Once you’re done with the basics, start playing fun games such as blind wine tasting. It’ll be fun to see them guessing the name of wines. Giving a surprise wine gift box to the winner of the guessing game will make the event more winelicious.


Paying attention to small details can make a big impact on your guests. Always remember that no one started out a master. So, keep calm, try out these tips, raise a toast, and be the best emcee! If you’re in search of quality wine glassware at affordable rates, do visit Lijo Décor where you can explore a wide range of glassware and other wine party-themed accessories in a hassle-free manner. Apply code “Decor15” to get 15% off on all glassware with free shipping. Cheers!

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