10 Great Ways to Update your Kitchen on a Budget


Kitchens have always been an epicenter of emotions and feelings in our homes. Every kitchen might have a story to tell. It could be anything like a story of your home’s foundation, a saga of your love story or even a story on how you became a chef. But when it comes to renovating your home, probably the kitchen would be your last pick from rest of the rooms. Why do we often keep kitchens as an outcast in renovation lists when this room has such a radiance of positive vibes in our life?

The kitchen is one of the most regularly used rooms in your entire home but gets less attention or remains unattended at renovation times. The majority of the reasons could be of its high expense. We do agree on this but, what if we say there are other methods to update your kitchen without breaking your bank. Would you go for it? Interesting right!!!

So, here are 10 ways to update your kitchen without breaking your bank:

1. Paint Your Kitchen

Painting your kitchen is one of the cheapest and economical ways to update your kitchen. Nothing looks better than a freshly coated wall. You can also try painting your kitchen cabinets with a new hue. This would give new attire for your kitchen and will provide a fresh feel. Make sure you do a little research before picking the colors and type of paint for your cabinets.

2. Replace Kitchen Worktops

A worktop actually defines a kitchen. If your kitchen looks dull and sluggish, you must consider changing your worktop. Laminate is one of the most cost-effective worktops you can try for your kitchen. This would dramatically change your kitchen’s appearance and the environment. You can find a wide range of worktop materials in the market nowadays like hardwood, glass, granite, laminate, composite etc… You just need to pick the one which goes perfectly with the theme of your kitchen.

3. Paint Your Floor

As we mentioned above painting is the cheapest and easiest way to get a whole new refreshed and renewed look. This goes for your floors too. If you are on a budget run and can’t afford to change your flooring, painting can be the best option available. But the hardest part of this is picking the colors. You must pay an extra attention while picking your color for the floor. The color white is chic but, it will show every dropped crumb. Pale gray or blue are a few colors you can go with.

4. Lights

If you are really tight on budget and isn’t up for a paint job, then changing your light sources can be considered. Changing your light sources is just as effective as painting. Add task lights such as spotlights. This would increase your visibility and enhance your mood while cooking. To add a classy ambiance and halogen bulbs on the extractor and overhead lighting.

5. Add More Storage

More space means less clutter. You can upgrade your kitchen to a more modern looking one by adding a few more storages. Basically, this would clear off everything from your kitchen worktop at the end of the day. A perfectly organized kitchen will always be a point of attraction in your home. Try installing pull-out drawers in your old cupboards to use the space more creatively.

6. New Appliances

Getting new appliances is another method to update your kitchen without changing any of your furniture. But, you should make sure they don’t stand out much from your present appliances. We would recommend going for free standing appliances as they can be easily replaced.

7. A Featured Wall

This would rather sound to be placed out odd but, this might be one of the best ideas you can come up with to pimp your kitchen. Wallpapers are a great way to add a bit of splash to the dull and plain looking walls. Either create an entire cover or stick on to a feature wall to add a bit of vibrancy to your kitchen. There are abundant varieties of wallpapers specially designed for kitchens available in the market which can withstand heat and stains.

8. New Fabrics

Curtains and fabrics can drastically change the appearance of your kitchen to a whole new another level. Upgrade from the old and raggy seat cushions and curtains to brand new ones. Always get the fabrics which blend with your kitchen color theme.

9. Add a Kitchen Diner

Most of the kitchens nowadays have a kitchen diner, but if you don’t have one come up with one pretty soon Kitchen is really the heart of the home. So, if you have a dining area too things would be real smooth. Adding a small round table or an extendable table will work.

10. A Pan Rack

This one would seem flashy. If you are short on your work area and want all your essential kitchen utensils within your reach, just hang them up!!! Add a spacious ceiling rack for those bulky pans and utensils. Make it a bit more creative for the eyes by decorating it with dried flowers and brass baskets.


Kitchens are the heart of a home. Most of us backs out from kitchen renovations because of the large expenses. This article would help you out to update your kitchen and make it more appealing for cooking.

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