How To Make your Dining Room Look Luxurious Without Breaking Your Bank

How To Make your Dining Room Look Luxurious Without Breaking Your Bank

Whether it’s a family dine out or a romantic date dinner, the deciding factor depends on the restaurant you choose and the food they serve. Most of you might still be remembering that awestruck moment you had when you took your first step into a luxurious hotel. The ambiance, the setting, the etiquettes, the music and that perfect lighting which you fell in love with was indeed immaculate. It is no wonder that each one of you have wished for such an atmosphere right back at your home too. Well, the wait is over as for this edition we, the LIjo Décor is featuring tips to make your dining room look luxurious without breaking your bank.

1. Bring In New Lights

hanging lights for dinning room

Changing your lights might be the cheapest and easiest home renovation you can try. By bringing down your old lights and installing better ones for your dining room, you are taking a step closer to revamping your dine place into a luxurious one. Make sure you are combining the whole set up with a cluster of white and warm lights. White light gives you positive energy with rejuvenated spirits and increased appetite. Warm lights give you that calm and pleasant ambiance you were looking for.

Hanging lights for dining room and Waterford statement table lamps can provide you with a luxurious vintage feeling whereas a wall mounted geometric light will give you a peep into a futuristic and much modern era. Choosing your light according to the rest of house is an effective home makeover tip.

2. Statement Figurines

torre and tagus vase as statement piece

You might have noticed that most of the luxurious hotels have something in common. Even though we adore these pretty little things most of us forget to update the shopping list before heading back home. Yes, we are definitely talking about those majestic statement figurines! A statement figurine has the power to control the whole ambiance of a hotel. This is something you should try for your home too. Get a vintage statement figurine or a metal figurine and install it at a place where your eye meets first. Having some greenery in your dining room will make it look more costly and luxurious. Pick a Torre & Tagus vase or creeper plant setup of your choice and set it in your dining room. Plants can also act as statement pieces and has the power to control the rhythm and ambiance of a place.

3. Shiny Crystal Ware

crystal dessert bowls for luxurious dinning room

When it comes down to dining rooms, it is all about the drink and food. With better serveware you’ll have a better dining experience. Keeping your crystalware clean and shiny is the key to an ultimate fine dining experience. Finding a perfect crystalware isn’t much challenging these days with all the top brands competing with each other to be the best. Right from the red wine crystal glass to crystal dessert bowls, the range and quality of crystalware differ drastically. Since we are planning for a renovation on a budget, buying a complete set of crystal ware, doesn’t make sense. However, a Juliska Berry and Thread crystal pitcher for drinks might do the trick. They can give your dining room and table a luxurious makeover within the desired budget.

4. The Modest Glassware

sets of glassware from wine glasses to water tumbler glasses for luxurios dinning room

Every dining table features a few sets of glassware from wine glasses to water tumbler glasses. A luxurious hotel’s table setting will feature a Juliska water tumbler glass, red wine flute glass and a juice highball glass. The trick is in the arrangement. Start with water tumbler glassware from the left, then goes the Juliska Berry and Thread highball glassware in the middle followed by a flute red wine glass or a hot drink glass. Make sure you follow this order when you set the dining table for your next dinner party. These minute things and arrangements you make on your dining table will make your guest feel special and respected.

5. Choose Your Silverware Accordingly

silverware for luxurious table setting

Choosing and setting the silverware for table setting does matter a lot. Get a premium Wallace silverware set and treat yourself to an ultimate dining experience. The silverware set will differ depending on the nature of the dinner. If it’s a formal dinner party the salad fork and dinner fork shall be placed on the left side of the dining plate. Your dinner knife, salad knives, fish knives and oyster forks must be placed on the right side of the plate. An informal table setting is less intense and more relaxed. Place your salad fork and a butter knife on the left side of the plate whereas the fruit spoon, dinner spoon, and dinner knife go on the right side of the plate.

6. The Dinner Plates Matter

dinnerware set for luxurious table set up

One of the most things that marks a luxurious tag on a hotel is the type of dinnerware they use. Those sleek and elegant plates that steal your heart right away might be costly and delicate. People without proper training might find it very hard to handle these plates. Well, having those in your home might be the one-way ticket to broken plate shards popping here and there in your house. For households, you need a more rigid and sturdy dinnerware so that they can take a punch and are dishwasher safe. Dishwasher safe dinnerware can be bought both online and offline stores. Getting a premium dinnerware set from brands like Juliska Berry & Thread collection or Waterford dinnerware might hold the key to your luxurious table set up.


Before the food, comes the presentation. A luxury table setting will always have a statement napkin ring which is placed on top of the dining plate. Your table setting should complement the food which is being served. Try to provide a visual miracle on the table for your guests before heading to the tasty treat.

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