How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cutting Board?


Whether you believe it or not, one of the easiest and best ways to ensure your kitchen knives long life is by using the right kind of cutting boards. Most of us spend a fortune on getting the high-end quality kitchen knives but usually give up the idea on getting a premium cutting boards. We think this is an extra expense. Even to this date of the new modernized era where high-tech materials and Nano fibers does wonders, the best substance you can get for your knife is still the good-old wood.

Cutting boards are of many types and designs. Selecting the right one for the appropriate occasion or environment makes you different from the regular traditional ways. Cutting boards can be made out of different materials. But, mainly plastic, wood and bamboo steals the show.
There are a lot of myths and facts surrounding these cutting board materials. If you are planning to get one and are confused on which one to get, this article will help you to choose the right kitchen cutting board. We’ll try to brief you up with all the important aspects you need to know before getting your first premium cutting board.

So, let’s begin…


Plastic cutting boards is the cheapest among this category but that doesn’t mean that the quality it provides is cheap too. Plastic cutting boards are great to an extent but, they just wear off too easily or early. Many of us believe plastic is the most sanitary cutting board material in the market. We would say this is just a myth that grew among us. We just made it up as plastic boards are safer than the others to run through our dishwashers.

In fact, University of Michigan study found out that more bacteria accumulates in plastic cutting boards than wood and bamboo. Also, when you consider that a knife-scarred surface means you’ve been consuming a part of the cutting board itself!!!
How more dangerous can it be! So, the first thing to do is kick out the plastic out of your kitchen.


Bamboo…hmm…everything seems fine. It’s natural, sustainable and is also renewable. Now this part gets crazy!!! Bamboo is a hard grass and not wood. Bamboos are 10 percent harder than maple which obliquely means these are harder on your knives too. And don’t forget those small grooves that slightly catch your knife while preparing the Tuna Sushi.
We would recommend you to omit the bamboo boards from your wish list if you are planning for a long term use of both your knife and the board.


Now our area of interest has diminished just around wood. Wood is a renewable resource but, not as renewable as bamboo though. However, most of the wooden cutting boards are made from waste wood. Does that matter if they are the only substance that can be easy on your knives?
If you are on to wooden cutting boards there are three terms you must know about. The Edge-grain, End-gran and the Face-grain.

  • Edge-grain:

    Edge-grain is the most familiar and popular cutting board pattern. The cutting surface is made from parallel fused pieces of woods from edges. The most common type of wood used are walnut and maple. These kind of cutting boards are said to be more sustainable and are pocket friendly.

  • End-grain:

    End-grain cutting surfaces are made from the end pieces of wood. These boards are expensive and are more forgiving on knives. The end grain boards are said to be self-repairing or healing as the fibers close back after the knives strike the board

  • Face-grain:

    Face grain board has one side that is wider than the other; the wider side is referred to as the face, as opposed to the edge.This is what we need to have in our kitchens. Proper care of your cutting board is also necessary for its prolonged use. Regularly oil your board with mineral oil to protect it from stains and other alien particle growth.


With the right cutting board and the precise equipment you can start enjoying cooking again. No wonder why Chefs say cooking is like creating music. A rhythm becomes music with the right tones, notes and especially those beats!!!

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