How to Choose the Right Dinnerware?

Choosing the Right Dinnerware

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or just a weekend gathering, there is no better time than finding yourself in the company of your friends or family over the dinner table. Your dinnerware reflects the exact theme of the function you are having because it would be really weird if you are having a business dinner party at your house and you are serving them the dinner in a kid’s dinnerware. Dinnerware is one of the crucial decisions you need to make if you are planning to revamp your kitchen. Your decision will clearly define something you will likely use every day. While selecting or choosing your dinnerware there are a number of things you need to have a clear account on. Things like purpose, material, designs etc. matters.

This article will be the perfect guide for you if you are planning to replace your current dinnerware or restocking them after a move. Hang on to this article to find out how to choose the right dinnerware-

1. Decide on Occasion

Occasion dinnerware
Before you run into a décor shop for your dinnerware shopping have a clear view on why you need a new set. Décor shops are exactly the paradise of dinnerware, so the chances of goofing around and returning with some random pieces are too high. So, decide on what your exact need of the dinnerware. Whether it’s formal or casual, you’ll have a wide range of collection to choose from. Casual dinnerware is more rugged and is more suitable for every day rough use. But, in the other hand formal dinnerware is more fragile and is specially made for holiday dinners and other official functions. So, have a clear view about what kind of dinnerware you exactly need.

2. Size Matters

Now, this is really an important thing than you need to look on to. Once you are decided with the type of dinnerware you need the next thing to keep a note upon is the size of the set.  Maybe you are a great admirer of cooking and may love the look of those big, beautiful and maleficent plates but when it comes to storing them back in the cabinet things won’t be much welcoming. To have a clear idea on your space and storage restrictions before buying your dinnerware would be actually a sharp thing you can do.

3. Account on Your Current Dinnerware

Current Dinnerware
It is really important to pick out a dinnerware that matches your current one. This is where you can search for open stocks pieces. This opens the door to choose exactly what you need and even give an option to replace a piece if it breaks by accident.

4. The Material

“Bone China or Porcelain?” Now, that’s a difficult question to answer. Once you are done with the first three steps the next thing you need to cover is what material do you need. To add to the account dinnerware is usually made with bone china, porcelain, and semi-porcelain, cream ware and majolica. Instead of ruling out one in favor of other option we would suggest to dig deeper on this topic and decide.

  1. Casual dinnerware is made sturdy to withstand dishwasher and microwave. So, they are often made up of stoneware or earthenware like cream ware, faience and delft. These are inexpensive and are easier to be replaced.
  2. Bone china and porcelain are the undisputed kings in the dinnerware section. Porcelain is often referred as “white gold” and is usually used to craft formal dinnerware. Porcelain and bone china are the hardest ceramic and are really expensive.
  3. Majolica and faience are usually uncommon because of their fragility. But they look so posh though. They are usually brightly hued or hand painted to perfection, which makes them more tempting and expensive.

Now, we hope you have a better idea on which material you should opt for your dinnerware.

5. White is Classic

White  dinnerware
Pure white or plain white dinnerware is very popular among us. They are dishwasher safe, doesn’t fade, easily replaceable and more over it matches most décor. A plain white dinnerware also     makes the food served in them more elegant and appetizing. But colors other than just plain white are also much pleasing. The slate colored dinnerware is the perfect example of colors outside white being exotic and at the same time elegant. Neutral colored dinnerware would complement well if you have a bright colored dining room.

6. Buy Enough

Even though there are only one or two people in your household as for now, it would be wise to get enough for the coming future. This would take a load off from your head if you are planning a big party or gathering in the future. It would be better to have at least a fair number of 12 -16. We would recommend you to go for this dinnerware set as they have a fair number of pieces and are high quality stuff.

7. Where to Buy

Now, for this you need a constant update on the local store flash sales and other offers. It’s your call where to get your dinnerware from. We would anyhow suggest online stores as they offer very great deals and massive collections. Online sites like Lijo Decor and amazon could be the best picks if you are opting for online shopping. Lijo décor also features Gordon Ramsay’s products and their Monique Lhuillier collections that are way off the charts in respect to popularity and quality.

When selecting dinnerware it is important to check for the item’s quality. Typically any piece manufactured by a major producer will have a mark from the pottery house in which it was crafted, usually as a sign of quality. Additionally it is always worth checking for bubbles in the glaze or small pinholes or even cracks. Make sure you get them replaced immediately as possible. By choosing the correct tableware it is possible to have the perfect dinner set for both formal and informal occasions.

We hope this article will guide you to select the perfect and suitable dinnerware.

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  1. I’ve been looking for new tableware to replace our aging ones as they are starting to look tacky. I’m having guests this weekend so I’m in quite a hurry to find good ideas. Suggesting white as the color theme is brilliant! Cheers!

  2. Aw, this was a truly good post. In idea I’d like to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to create a very beneficial article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no indicates seem to get some thing performed.

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