7 Ways to Organize Your Living Room and Bedroom

living room and bed room

Organizing your home requires a fair amount of determination and creativity. Most of us lag behind in these traits, so we shift the plan from a full house organizing to organizing few rooms. An organized home gives you more space and keeps you comfortable all the time. How cool would it be if you find that pair of gloves or scissors without turning down the whole house while searching for it?

Your home might consist of many rooms designated for different uses. Since they are categorized according to their uses, the ways to organize these rooms also differs. For example, if you are trying to organize your living room just as you organize your kitchen, things would seem awkward. In this article, we will introduce a few tips and tricks to help you get through the home organizing hurdle with ease. Through this article, we have ensured to enlighten you with the most important things to have an organized living room and bedroom.
So, let’s begin!!!

“Good order is the foundation of all things” – Edmund Burke

The Living Room

The Living Room
Your living room might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of home. This is because your entire childhood was framed around this room. Living rooms can be your perfect relaxing spot from a tiresome day, a family get-together venue or your kid’s playroom apart from its regular use as a recreation room. In fact for others, your living room will play a vital role in framing up the first impression on you and your house. Due to the adaptable behavior of living rooms, organizing them can get a bit challenging.

1. Introduce Wastebaskets: This might seem odd when you see this. Why should I add a wastebasket right on the face of my home? Exactly! Adding a wastebasket along with the decors in your living room will definitely control the incoming clutter. Make sure you get one which is attractive and goes along with your decor. Always go for the ones with lids and add some deodorizing trash bags.

2. Cableyoyo: We’ll always have to deal with the tangled cords and wires till the world goes completely wireless. We do know how irritating it gets when our earphones get entangled when we keep in our pockets. So, we hope we don’t remind you about the altitude of the mess that’s behind your T.V and play stations. Actually, we’ve come up with a cheaper and effective way to counter this terrible situation. Cableyoyos!!! Get a slim cableyoyo as they can neatly coil your cords up to six feet and does have an adhesive back which easily sticks to any surface.

3. Coffee tables aren’t magazine racks: We all love to take a deep sip of that Romanian coffee while going through our magazines. Coffee tables are the perfect piece of furniture which can make both of these accessible at the same time. But, we usually forget about the clutter which piles up on them day by day with old magazines, tissues, snack wrappers etc. Coffee tables aren’t magazine racks. If you like your magazines near your coffee table, we would recommend a new coffee table with storage for magazines, joysticks, and remote controls. But, a fair amount of the good looking coffee tables doesn’t come with storage facilities. If this is the case, then you can add low storage cubes, rolling baskets or bins which can stick under your table. With this, you can reduce the clutter and keep your table organized.

4. Play Zone: If you have kids around, keeping your home organized will be more hectic than it can ever get. Kids are clutter magnets in a way. But on the brighter side, this has been really a blessing as we’ll get to try different arrangements for rooms. If toys are taking over your living room, it’s time to come up with something. Corners of your living room can be a great area for developing a play zone for your kids. Give your kids the freedom to make use of the allotted space but, teach and encourage them to clean up after they are done.

The Bedroom

the bedroom
5. Make Your Bed Every day: Your bedroom has an irreplaceable importance in your life. It is the place where you start and finish your day. So it’s your duty to keep it relaxing and stress-free. The first thing you should do after getting off your bed should be making your bed. This is a good habit you need to grow along with. A neat and well put up mind keep the decorum of the bedroom and creates positive vibes.

6. Closets: When we are talking about bedrooms we can’t omit closets right. We all know how messy our closets are. But, if someone asks why your closet is messy, we would rather throw a devilish smirk and say “ I like the way it is now”. Doing closets are always an overwhelming job. We would recommend taking a deep breath and reclaim the spaces by emptying everything. Sort out the one you wear often and ditch the ones you don’t wear. If ditching them bothers you, take an empty basket, put all the rest of the left behind dresses and keep them safe under your closet. Allot spaces for your shoe collections in side the closet.

7. Underbed Storage: Winter blankets and clothes are too bulky and take up a lot of space in your closet. A built-in storage for your bed can be the best solution for this. Investing on a bed frame with built-in storage will never go in vain. This will cost less and save a lot of space.


Living rooms and bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in our house. A person’s character develops around these two rooms. The way he sleeps and arranges his rooms will drastically affect his mental self. Being organized will gain you more self-confidence and stability in life. After all, the character of a man depends on how he treats the environment around him. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will definitely help you to get your living room and bed room organized for a disciplined life.

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