5 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Home for Fall

5 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Home for fall

“No spring or summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”- John Donne

Golden dreams, fresh petrichor, kiss of warmth and crisp leaves with yellow hue blowing freely…Oh, what a joy the cool breeze has brought! Well, it’s the magic of end-of-summer specifying countdown to the enchanting fall has begun.

With 22 September coming fast and furious, now is a good time to clean and prepare your home for fall. So, before you get in a mood to enjoy hot coffee around the fireplace with your loved ones, make sure to take care of your lovely home first. Try not to stress! It won’t be a headache if you follow our ultimate fall cleaning checklist.

Here are 5 simple steps to cleaning your home for fall 2018….

1. Spruce up Your Bedroom

Spruce up Your Bedroom for fall cleaning

A messy bedroom is just a no-no for fall! Imagine you walk into someone’s bedroom, and it’s all filled with dirty mattress, pillows, junk, and dusty windows. Would you want to stay there even for a single second? Well, you won’t for sure. As far as the season of fall is considered, it is a common phenomenon. That is why it is imperative to clean your room and create a clutter-free and tidy space. You can achieve this goal by making it a routine to clean windows, floor, and vacuuming the bed daily. In addition to this, you must also clean your AC filter once a month. Voila! Your bedroom is all set to welcome the fall!

2. Clean the Bathroom

Clean the Bathroom for fall season 2018

If you are a lover of the stinky bathroom, then you can let the dirt and germs stay over there. If not, please, please, please save your sink and shower from the barrage of harmful bacteria by maintaining it properly. Bring a quality anti-bacterial cleanser and clean your sink, tubs, and shower as well. Further, don’t ignore the toothpaste dribbles. There are so many bleach solutions available on the market that can help sanitize your bathroom space. Once you are done with this, revive your bathroom with clean towels and a good hand sanitizer.

3. Refresh Your Kitchen

Refresh Your Kitchen for fall 2018

They say ‘cooking is love made visible’, what they don’t say is ‘a clean space makes a happy space!’ When it comes to the kitchen, cleaning and organizing is a must! So, keep a dishwashing liquid handy always. Clean your dishes as soon as you finish enjoying your delicious meals. Also, flies become a tough-to-tackle problem during fall. Therefore, get yourself a brand new bucket, fill it up with a vinegar solution and mop up your kitchen floor and food sink every day without fail.

4. Declutter Your Wardrobe

Declutter Your Wardrobe for fall season

How often do you complain you don’t have anything new to wear? Probably, we all keep saying this dialogue every now and then. Now that summer is almost over there’s no need to stock up your wardrobe with them. Just dive in your closet, pull out your summer collection, dust the dirty closet shelves, and embellish it with your warm fall essentials. Instead of keeping clothes directly on the shelves, try to hang those using light hangers. It will not only, keep them wrinkle-free but also, vacant some space.

5. Autumnize Your Garden

Autumnize Your Garden for fall 2018

Tried and tested for years, loosening the soil during fall can work wonders for your plants. Unfortunately, most of us forget that plants also need oxygen for their survival. Obviously, you can’t directly feed them oxygen, but can take care of the soil in which they grow. Further, you can fertilize your lawn to keep insects and ants at bay. Mopping up the dried leaves is just not enough, try implementing these foolproof tips and prevent your garden from the harsh effects of the cold season.


Home is merely not a place; it’s a nest of warmth to go at the end of a rip-roaring day. So, why not pamper your home this fall? We insist you take out some time and implement these simple home cleaning tips for fall 2018 to enjoy the unbeLEAFable beauty! If you need quality products for organizing your space, simply visit – Lijo Décor, one of the prime online shopping store in the US. Since you are ready to take home cleaning initiative; we’ll be generous to give you 15% off on any product you buy. Just apply the coupon code “DECOR15”, and you’re done! Don’t be lazy, stay cozy! Happy Fall Fellas!

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