World Health Day 2018: Tips to Stay Healthy in 2018


Yup, Even though most of us aren’t much aware, there do exist a day for global health awareness. April 7th of every year is observed globally as World Health Day. Under the sponsorship of World Health Organization and several other related organization, this is dedicated to spreading awareness on health issues and other diet-related seminars to make Earth healthy and safe place to live in. World Health Day 2018 isn’t much different than the past year’s but, it is you who have the ultimate power to choose whether it should be different or should not be.

Staying in shape and being fit is more likely a distressed dream in today’s world. Working out and enrolling in sports has diminished to just New Year Resolutions these days. Googling “How to stay fit” with a 12” long hamburger wouldn’t be the best ways to get fit. So, how about bringing back the forgotten or thwarted New Year Resolutions back to life? On this World Health Day 2018 let’s take an oath to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Here are some tips to stay healthy in 2018…

1. Blend With Nature


Ever wondered how our ancestors stayed strong and healthy even without the intake of any protein supplements? And ever wondered how you became a walking medicine bag or how are you becoming a lab rat? Well, it isn’t too late to start thinking of a remedy. The answer is always in nature.

Blending in to be one with nature can be the answer to all your queries. Go for a walk in the park or pick your favorite boulevard to come up with a walking commute. Listen to what nature says, you can hear the chirping of real birds (not the tweeting of the bluebird which is in your phone), the sound of droplets, the rattles of dry leaves and the sound of the wind when it sways past your hair, and much more. So, buckle up, take out your cool scarf and hit the roads. This experience will not only burn your calories but also strengthens you mentally.

2. Maintain a Nutritional Diet


Are you turning obese even though you are posturing an intense diet of having one meal in a day? Well, this might be the reason for your obesity. Dieting is good, but make sure you and your body are up for it. Never tire out your body by forcefully subjecting it to changeovers. A well maintained nutritional diet is must for a well-developed or developing body.

Have a full proper meal for at least 3 times a day. What you can do is restrict the number of fast foods and oily foods, and not the number of times you have your meal. Add leafy veggies and fruits to your routine. This will replenish your metabolism and improves your immune system.

Always make sure to use a vegetable brush and wash your veggies and fruits before using them. This will get rid of the dust and germs which forms due to exposure.

3. Stay Hydrated


The pale skin you gained recently gained might not be the results of your new fairness cream, but can be the deficiency of fluids in your system. A man can live for almost three weeks without food (Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation as a part of his non-violence movement), but surviving without water is a whole new different story.

Human Beings can survive barely one week without water. But, when it does vary with the environment he is in. If you aren’t on enough fluids, your body itself will start notifying you with dry lips and dry skin scalps and much more. Never avoid these indications and don’t take them lightly. These might lead to more complications. According to the studies, on average humans must have 104 ounces of water per day. Having enough water will keep you energetic and improves your blood flow. Keep a water bottle with you always even if you are in office or home.

4. Never Skip a Breakfast


We all might be familiar with the morning rush we have to go through each day. And if you have kids to look after, then it becomes way more hectic. So, once you are all set to head to the office, you might realize that you’ve skipped the breakfast again. So, you are again forced to rely on that large black coffee which you regularly grab from the nearest drive-thru Starbucks outlet.

We all have heard and read millions of times that skipping your breakfast is not healthy. And still, we end up skipping them big time. Skipping your breakfast means, intake of large chunks of calories at the time of your next meal. You’ll be hungry all the morning till your lunch which you end up piling food over food on your plate. Breakfast will help you maintain a healthy weight and keeps your heart healthy. This will also improve your concentration and arouses your concentration levels and keeps you active throughout the day.

5. Start Using Hand Sanitizers


Well, they were invented for a reason right!! Your hands might be the dirtiest part of your body at the end of the day. Washing your hands from time to time can help but, not much effective as using hand sanitizers. As for an average survey, it was found that we intake almost 80% germs from our hands while having food. Most of them result in an upset stomach, nausea, dizziness and stomach aches.

Make a habit of using hand sanitizers in your routine before food and after food. Wash your hands thoroughly with hand washes too. Limited germ exposure is good and it helps in building immunity.

6. Practice Yoga


Yoga is something you can try if you are hoping for an overall healthy experience. Yoga helps in maintaining both mind and body. Other than proving control over your mind and body, practicing yoga will regulate the flow of chakra (pure energy) in your body. You can even manipulate the body heat, your breathing regime and even your calorie levels. This is something you can enjoy with your family or friends. Yoga can loosen your joints and muscle tendons proving more flexibility and movement. Always make sure to have your yoga mat ready before jumping into your Sun Salutation.


The World Health Day will pass over just like every regular day of the year. But, intending it to be different and life-altering is your call. The famous adage “Health comes before wealth” wasn’t just meant to be words. So, stay healthy and pass down your healthy practices onto your younger generations, so that we can make this World a safe and healthy place to live in.

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