Best Wedding Gifts Ideas for 2018 to Surprise the Newly-Weds


It’s almost mid-April and it’s again that time of the year where the cupid works his magic. The summer wedding season is one of the best time you should opt to get married. Weddings are forged out from a mix of emotions. The feeling when your walk on the way which is covered with fresh flowers and the chill that flows through your veins when you hear the birds cheering for you with their melodious chorus and the rising sound of your heartbeat with every single step you take towards your other better half and the moment you notice the way your man looks over trying to peep his way through the veil which is covering your face are indeed heavenly…Well, weddings are beautiful and are made in the heavens.

But, what if you aren’t the one who is getting married?

Well, you can’t show up empty handed right!

This has become more of a crisis these days. Picking the right wedding gift for your dearest one is something which can get you to thinking and end messing up with some inappropriate gift. Selecting a wedding gift isn’t just like picking some random stuff as a gift for your neighbor’s daughter. The gift should strike the perfect note i.e., it should be splurged but not costly or precious, practical but not dull and fun but not of poor taste. When all these fragments meet together, then you have the perfect wedding gift. Hunting for a stuff which will meet all these criteria together can be really hectic. So we, the Lijo Décor is here to shorten your area of search interest. The following listicle will guide you with the best wedding gift ideas for 2018 to surprise the newly-weds….

1. Flutes For Mr & Mrs


What else in the world would be better than gifting a pair of flute glasses for the newlyweds to toast upon their new life together? Flute glasses are one of the perfect gifts you can consider for any occasion. With its alluring and tempting slender design, the flute glasses definitely tops our list.

Since you have decided on your wedding gift, the next question that might pop up in your mind might be “what type of flute glasses?”, “the brand?”… And much more…Well, we do have a suggestion for that too. HBH is one of the leading manufacturers of flute glasses and they do have a series of raindrop flute glasses. The idea of the design is pretty unique and it does match all the criteria for a perfect wedding gift. This can also be a part of monogram themed wedding ideas which are particularly elegant and minimalistic in nature.

2. The Coffee Lovers


Gifting a coffee brewer isn’t a pretty bad idea right! If the new Mr & Mrs are die-hard fans of coffee, then a vintage looking coffee warmer can be one of the best gifts they’ll ever wish for. Well, who doesn’t like to kick-start their day off with a hot sizzling cup of joes’.

Since coffee warmers are our 2nd pick in the listicle, Artistique Stainless Steel Coffee Warmer is one of the best reliable coffee warmers in the market. This will make sure your coffee never gets cold or too hot. The perfect balance of taste and temperature are the keynotes of a perfect coffee. The vintage look doubles as eye-candy for your kitchen decors too.

3. A Sturdy Friend For The Bling


As we mentioned above, wedding gifts shouldn’t be any gibberish stuff you found along the way to the wedding. But, this doesn’t mean spending a fortune for a gift they’ll never use. Well, here’s a suggestion for you, a premium looking jewelry chest. Most of the newlyweds might be facing a severe problem of keeping things organized, as they’ve been introduced to a new environment where they need to share even their personal space. So, it would take them a month or two get adjusted to this.

Gifting a jewelry chest might be the most precious and useful gift you can think of as a wedding gift. Mele & Co Jewelry Box is one of the best when it comes down to jewelry boxes. This will keep all their bling organized and safe from wears and tears.

4. Frame For The Precious Moment


The weddings are made in the ‘heavens’. These are some of the best memories we have of our life and indeed we need to cherish upon them till our last breath. ‘A frame for the moment’ might be a better gift than the set of dinnerware you brought for the newlyweds. Take a look around and find the best frame you can get.

This is easier said than done right. Searching for that perfect frame might be really frustrating. And when something catches your attention their price might be over the roof. Well, Leeber Wedding Collage Frame is one of the most popular wedding frames out there and will match the wedding profile perfectly.

5. The Bookends


A bibliophile couple? Well, what are the odds! We have the perfect gift you’ve been searching for weeks and months. An awesome bookend might seem more suitable for a gift for the newlyweds who were already in love with the books.

Bey-Berk Mermaid Bookend is one of the unique designed and sturdiest bookends out in the market. The bronze colored metal mermaid bookend will not only keep your books organized but also is a feast for the eyes.


It is not about what you give or how expensive the wedding gift is. It portraits your love and acts as a token of appreciation for the newlyweds. Wedding gifts are also an indirect way to covey your wishes for a new future. So, let the wedding gift speak your heart out to the newlyweds…

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  2. Flutes for Mr and Mrs. are the complete new thing I say. I just like it, also I liked the idea of coffee brewer. I would like to say that all the ideas are damn creative. Keep sharing such more posts.

  3. Flutes for Mr and Mrs. are the complete new thing I say. I just like it, also I liked the idea of coffee brewer. I would like to say that all the ideas are damn creative. Keep sharing such more posts

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