10 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Surprise New Moms

10 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Surprise New Moms

It’s a Boy! It’s a Girl!

The excitement and exalted happiness in these few words are beyond comparison. Having your smaller versions running around you is one of the best feelings a human can experience in his/her lifetime. Well, the same goes for ‘The Wait’ too. Even though the long nine months of wait might take a toll on you, the baby showers and baby moons ease up your stress and make you feel loved. Baby showers are explicitly cute and momentous. They are a stress buster for all the soon-to-be mommies and the others present in the ceremony.

Since you are officially invited to your best friend’s baby shower, getting a gift is compulsory. Well, finding a suitable gift for your friend’s baby shower might be a little trickier than it seems. You must make sure the gift is cute and relevant at the same time. Since you know whether your bestie is awaiting a boy or girl, trolling around the baby boy and baby girl section might be a great idea. Here are some of the best baby shower gift ideas to surprise new moms.

1. Volunteer For Hosting the Baby Shower

Volunteer For Hosting the Baby Shower

As we mentioned above, a baby shower might be the perfect icebreaker your friend has been longing for. Step ahead and inform her that you’d love to host the ceremony. Well, the answer would be a definite yes along with a bunch of hugs and kisses.

Since you are the head woman of the whole ceremony now, making it memorable and momentous is your duty. Right from the decorations to the desserts, everything needs to be adequately planned and executed well. Decorate the whole area with pink/blue (pink for girls and blue for boys) ribbons and accessories to make it look awesome. Fill the pillars and floors with baby shaped balloons and baby ribbons. Sit with the woman of honor to create a list of guests and get baby shower invitations cards for everyone. Arrange the cake, food, drinks and everything you can possibly think of to make your girl’s day a memorable one. This can be the best gift you can give as her best friend.

2. Plush Toys and Apparels

Plush Toys and Apparels as baby shower gift

“I couldn’t help it…They were soo cute!”

Toys and baby apparels still top the list when it comes down to baby shower gift ideas. Well, who doesn’t fall in love with those cute Ganz Baby bunny slippers for the babies that you find online.  Just grab everything that looks cute and plushy. There are toys available which sing a lullaby when activated, which seems to be a pretty genius idea to include in an infant toy.  With life-sized teddy bears taking over the market and conquering the infant minds with their cute, sly smile and puffy bellies, the first toy to come into your mind as a gift would be a cuddly teddy bear set. This is something both your friend and her kids can cuddle up with.

We have always wondered why baby apparels are soo cute. Getting a few unique and cute looking dresses for the much-awaited angel is a pretty good thought. Make sure you know your way around baby dresses as the quality of fabrics and brands do differ. If not, take the advice of an expert before stuffing up your inventory with baby apparels.

3. A Multi-Purpose Diaper Bag

multi-purpose diaper bag for baby shower

This can be one of the most relevant things that you can gift for a baby shower. A diaper bag is something which can become handy for new moms who are still figuring out their motherhood. Get a multi-purpose diaper bag for which has compartments and segments for diapers, water bottles, toys, pacifiers and wet wipes. Hang a cute hand sanitizer keychain on the side so that both the mommy and the newborn can stay germ-free.

4. Gift Baskets with a Hidden Surprise

baby shower gift basket

Baby gift baskets are typical in every baby shower ceremony. Well, you can gift one too. Decorate your baby shower gift basket with ribbons and all kinds of cute stick-on butterflies and stick-on ornaments. Be creative and come out with some out of the box ideas to present for the basket’s appearance.

With the appearance of the basket out of the way, the next thing you must focus is on what to fill it with. A gift box can contain everything a baby needs as the choice is yours. Some sensitive skin-friendly Aloe Vera gel, baby oils, baby foods, baby powders, chocolates, and napkins are some of the best picks. But, you can also include some online gift cards or discount coupon codes along with the other gifts to make it more interesting.

5. The Techie Stuffs

infant sound machine for baby shower

The soothing sound machines, baby monitors, no-contact baby thermometers and rocking chairs fall under this category. A sound machine can be like a magic wand for a rough sleeper baby. The soothing music from the machine will help babies to fall asleep and stay asleep. Gifting an infant sound machine can be the best idea you can come up with for a baby shower.

Baby monitors and baby thermometers are some of the runner-ups in this category. Installing a musical wind chime in the room near the ac vent is also a great idea as the soothing sound will keep your baby dreaming for hours.

6. A Mommy Survival Kit

survival kit for the soon-to-be mommy

The new mom needs care as much as the newborn baby. That is why gifting a survival kit for the soon-to-be mommy might be a great idea. Make sure you include everything essential for her skin and body in this kit. This will help her to have all the necessities within her reach. You can include some chocolates, lip balms, mints, wet wipes, eye concealer, nail polish and much more.

7. Some Baby Jewelry

Baby bracelets for baby shower

Gifting pieces of jewelry for the baby shower isn’t highly rated but still flaunts the green light. Numerous brands make jewelry, especially for babies these days. Pick the metal of your choice (w.r.t budget) and wrap it up as your baby shower gift. Getting identical designed jewelry for the dad, mom, and the newborn is a pretty unique idea. Solvar Baby bracelets are gaining a lot of attention these days, and maybe it is time you gift one.

8. A Stroller That Turns Into A Car Seat

Stroller That Turns Into A Car Seat for baby shower gifts

We all do understand the need for a stroller and a car seat for infants. This makes them the most useful and thoughtful baby shower gift. But, make sure you are ordering a stroller that can be converted to a car seat too. Even though these variants are a bit costlier, it is worth every single penny and can save a lot of car space also.

9. A Photography Session

newborn photography session as baby shower gifts

Babies are a blessing to us from the Almighty God. Holding your newborn baby in your hands for the first time might leave you baffled with mixed emotions and feelings. Pride of a parent, a protector for the little bobblehead, the offspring of your love and much more. The only thing you can do is to live in the moment that God has graced upon you.

Well, these memories are the fountain of your family and will always be. For your friend’s baby shower get her a  gift card for a professional newborn photography session. This is indeed a priceless gift. You can also try gifting a baby first photo frame along with the gift card to keep all those cherishable moments together.

10. A Momma’s Day Out

spa for mom to be as baby shower gift

The last thing your friend might expect as a baby shower gift is a day off at the spa. Let her relieve herself from all the stress and muscle cramps she went through for the past nine months. Book a spa for a weekend for your friend so that she can enjoy some ‘she’ time along with her girlfriends. This can be one of the best gifts you’ll ever get her. Well, she does deserve a break!


Getting a gift for baby showers is indeed challenging. Make sure you confirm with your friend before getting any expensive gifts as there is a chance that others might have shortlisted the same product you’ve been planning to give. Make use of the online gift vouchers and awesome “Decor15” coupon codes to get your desired product without breaking your bank. Happy baby showers!

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