7 Ways to Have a Happy Workplace


We would start with stating that staying happy is largely a choice than an acquired skill. Most of you have your resumes updated with “I’m a happy person” or ‘a fun loving guy” in describe yourself section. But the real question is” Are you?”

How would you define happiness?

Most of your answer might include on having a quality time with your family, watching your favorite movie /series or even a relaxing on the long beach along with the gang. We do agree. These things does make a human happy. But, did you miss the main spotlight? How could you miss out the point work? Ha! Now I see those smirks!!!

An average human spends more than half of his lifetime at work. And yet you never mentioned that into your “what makes you happy” field. Does that mean you are spending your entire lifetime engaged into something that you never liked? Now that’s a thoughtful question right!

That is why we stated happiness is a choice. Yes, you can choose to be happy at work. Sounds simple right. We are saying you can wave bye to all those Monday morning blues, fatigues and especially those hectic late work hours!! You just need to love the job you do.

This can’t be done easily though, but we can try starting a chain reaction to change your life. Just altering a few of your daily routines and re-arranging some elements can do this trick. Stay tuned on to this article to know more about the 7 easy ways to keep you happy at workplace.

#1. Think Positive

Our human mind tends to be attracted to all the negative aspects about a situation even though the situation could be as simple as a walk in the park. This could be because of the rough times you had to pass through due to your inexperience in problem solving skills and decision making in your past. Think positive. Live in the present. Look at yourself and see how you have developed to be in the current position you are in. Get those fear out of you. Dwell on the aspects of your work. Avoid negative people and gossips. Find coworkers you like and spend your time with them. Your choices at work drastically define your experience.

#2. Smile

smile at workplace
A Smile costs nothing, but gives much. Maybe just your smile can make someone else’s day. This will gain you more friends and increase your charisma and productivity to work.

#3. Light Matters

Yes, lights alter you moods. Natural lights are full of rich components to boost up your mood and increase your productivity. So it’s time to pull up those blinds up! If you have a more isolated workplace you can change the bulb to match up to your mood. Blue color infused lights are a great choice for analytical problem solving and productivity. Warmer lights can be best used for a soothing and calming environments.

#4. De-clutter

It’s about time to clear off all those clutter that has piled up on your desk. A cluttered desk is the main reason for fatigues and ill-will. This is the part where your smartphone can come in handy. Upload your sticky notes and schedules in your smartphone to set reminders and assign tasks. Apps like One note and Evernote can help you with this and have the feature to sync with all your devices to ensure you never miss any important stuffs.

#5. Motivation

motivation at workplace

All you need is a motivation. If our human race has built super computers which calculates the distances from planets just from a basic calculating device like Abacus, it’s because of his motivation and determination to reach heights. Make sure you have some motivational artworks in your workplace so that you know your aims and goals. These small things draws you in and give the part of your brain that has to focus. You can also try a realistic art like a forest pathway or a flower bed to have a break from those hectic schedules.

#6. Green Walls

Green color encourages creative thinking. Paint your walls green but, less saturated like a sage green. This would look more welcoming than a boring blunt white or flashy hued walls.

#7. Green your Desk


Bring the green down to your desk by adding a small plant. Research says that plants in your workspace can boost your productivity. This could probably the cheapest recommendation in this list, a plant for your desk will keep you less-stressed and make you happier.


Make sure you take regular breaks and if your company allows you to take a power nap, don’t hesitate. Just go for it. This is just like recharging your batteries for the rest of the day.
Happiness is a choice. Try doing something every day that makes you happy. This would reflect in your work and will help you to fall in love with your work. Try implementing a few of this tips to your routine and see if it helps.
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