How to Keep Picture Frames Clean?


“The Frame is as Important as the Picture”

Memories are one of the most indispensable parts of one’s life. Whether it’s of a good day or rather a horrible day, they always rejuvenate us. We keep pictures of these memories so that we could cherish upon them for our whole life. Just a glimpse is more than enough to drench you up in those glorious times you had. So, to preserve these memories falls under one the basic necessities of our life. Picture frames are the best way to protect your photos from both humane and natural bruises.

Although being incognito in the spotlight, picture frames play a pivotal part in making your art or photo to be at their best. In other words we could say that a frame makes a painting or photo complete. With the right matte finish and creative designs they will be that explicit factor which boosts your décor’s overall attractiveness

Taking care of your frame is as important as taking care of your decors. As for not being in the spotlight it doesn’t mean that they are to be left unattended. A dusty and old picture frame doesn’t have much to offer even though how valuable or pricey your photo or art is.
So, in this article we will guide you on how to keep your picture frames clean and beautiful to bring life back to your picture…

The Basics

the-basics-picture frames
Picture frames are usually dust-magnet. So, they need to be dusted and cleaned from time to time. Use light feather duster or other alternatives to clean your frame. You can get plenty of soft and reliable dusters made of lamb’s wool and other synthetic material from the market these days. But, just make sure you don’t give a jerk on the painting as they might fall off pretty easily. So, don’t be in a hurry while cleaning your picture and its frame…It might cost you a fortune…

Level Up

With regular dusting most of the dullness will be away from the frame. But, if you are living in a humid atmosphere there is a fair chance to find the mold developing behind the glass of your photo. They might spread to your frame which makes your picture unbearable to look at. For situations like this you must take the cleaning a level up.

Take the picture apart. Start with laying a soft and thick towel on a flat surface. Place your picture along with the frame on it facing front. This way you can take off the rear and pull out the picture. Also be sure the cloth is big enough to contain the whole frame front to avoid scratches and bruises. Once the picture or art is out give the glass attached and frames a nice cleaning. A Glass cleaner comes in handy here or try a mild soap and soft acrylic cloth. Don’t be so harsh with the cleaning as it might cause scratches and wears on the glass and the frame.

Mind the Frame Material

picture frame-material
Before you lavishly use liquids on your precious frame make sure you know the whereabouts. As using a steel polish on wooden frames are just like trying to paint on water. So, know your frame material and research on the treatments that can be done on them.

  • Wooden Frames: These types of frames can be cleaned with a damp cloth or with a furniture polish. While using polish, spray a little amount onto the cloth which you’ve planned to clean the frame as there are a numerous amount of people damaging the frame with over use of polish. After cleaning let your fame dry up because adding picture to a damp frame might in turn backfires and damage your picture. Also mid your picture or art while using water to clean. You don’t need to rub water on that perfect water-colored portrait right?
  • Metal Frames: These frames are a lot easier to take care when it’s down to cleaning. You can use a bit of mild soap and a damp cloth for cleaning if the frame is especially dirty. But take care around those sterling silver and golden frames. You can get premium polishes for premium frames. Don’t overthink on getting those.

Once you’re done with all the cleaning process, it’s time to place your picture back into the frame where it belongs. Make sure both the frame and glass adjoining it are dry and all good to go. Remount your picture back to the wall carefully. Now your photo or art can take back the center stage among your decors.


picture frames remember
A picture frame is always valuable for adding weightage to your artwork and interiors. Just like how valuable the memory or picture is the frame which tags along should also be special. Select such frame which upgrades the awe factor of the photo or painting. You choose from a massive amount of frames both online and offline. Make sure you take these as granted and select the ‘perfect one’.

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