Tips to Bring The Beach Into Your Home This Summer

Tips to Bring The Beach Into Your Home This Summer

“To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to embrace your solitude truly.”

The sound of the constant ebb of waves that rattles on to the quiet sand and the salty smell of the sea breeze that sways past caressing your hair and the sun-bleached sand crystals tingling your feet with a burning sensation can be the best feelings every human has experienced at least once in his lifetime. If you are an ‘oceanholic’, you might understand the pain while you leave behind the ocean to head back home.

Since summer is just weeks away with schools closing down for vacation, it might be the perfect time to plan a trip to the beach. With love for oceans in heart and addiction for getting your skin sun-tanned, a breezy beach house is something we all dream of in hot summer vacation. So for this summer, as a souvenir, bring home a fragment of the beach itself.

We are suggesting a beachy getaway right in your home that will undoubtedly last all year. With a bit of creative interior designs and decors, you can make your home feel like a breezy retreat even though you are living nowhere near a shore. Here are tips to bring the beach into your home this summer….

1. A Fresh Hue for a Fresh Start

fresh hue for house for summer 2018

The first step you must take in replicating a beach house vibe is by finding a fresh new hue for your house. White paint on your walls will denote peace, serenity and opens up space for creativity. White goes along with almost every other color. A few strokes of nautical blue paint here and there will make your home attractive and look closer to a beach house. Even though beach houses are all about vibrant colors, mix and match deep royal blue with blood red might seem pretty stubborn and intimidating for a home.

2. Statement Plants

statement plants to create beach house

If it’s a beach house accent you wish for, then never miss out on bringing in statement plants. Some of the tropical plants like ferns, palms or orchid can bring in a lot of positive tropical vibes. If you are finding it hard to get real plants, then the artificial ones can also work. Most of the artificial plants available these days are manufactured with extreme precision so that they almost feel real to naked eyes. To give your home a bit more personal and eclectic touch, try planting these plants in a bold round planter.

3. Replace Your Linens

replace linens and curtains for beachy look at home in summer

The next step to your breezy retreat would require replacing your old and colored linens with white and blue ones. Curtains and décor linens do matter when it comes to an interior changeover. Creating a theme that resembles the beach and the ocean is your primary goal. Try to mix and match blue and white in your curtain and decor linens to blend into the core of sea. They will not only build a clean beachy look but also make your home feel luxurious. While replacing your living room curtains also make sure to change your shower curtains to sea-patterned curtains.

4. Show off With Wall Decors and Figurines

aquatic life wall decor for summer decor

What to do with those empty massive white walls? Since you’ve painted the walls white now, it’s time to work your magic. Wall decors have gained a lot of popularity in these past ten years, and now it is your time to give it a try. Get a few aquatic life wall decors and hang them on to the wall to spice up the overall theme. You can also add ocean themed wall plaques onto the wall to reflect the ocean vibes.

Figurines have always been a great way to flaunt your interior designing skills. Get great figurines that resemble the sea and set them up where ever you find necessary. Find something unique like a shoal of fishes or a witty Peanuts Day at the Beach figurine.

5. Hammock is a Great Idea!

hammocks for home in summer 2018 for leisure and entertainment

Getting a hammock for your home might be one of the brilliant ideas to make your home look and feel like a beach house. Hammocks have always been one of the prominent items that denote leisure and entertainment. And these have been one of the significant catches of vacation houses and beach cottages too. Well, installing one on your patio overlooking the backyard garden might be a great idea. Regardless of age, both kids and adults would love to spend a few time in a hammock.


Now that you have got a gist of transforming your home into a beach paradise, it’s time to shop the aforementioned products! You can get all of them at Lijo Decor, the ultimate destination to buy high-quality products at affordable prices! We will be back soon with some more interesting home decor tips until then, get going with your shopping!

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