The Hottest Decor Trends of Spring Summer 2018


With winter finding its way back to hibernate leaving the spotlight open for the Spring Season, it is time to say ‘Au revoir’ to all the winter sweaters and hoodies to bring back the casual skirts and jumpsuits. Along with you, it’s the perfect time to give a makeover to your house too. The time to shift back your sofa from the fireplace and to turn down the central heating to maintain the standard temperature is here.

With new seasons fresh trends emerge. And 2018 is one such year that has managed to surprise each of us with its unique trends right from the beginning. Pantone chose the color of the year 2018 as UltraViolet and this has opened a new world of possibilities in décor trends. Check out the Best Interior Decor Trends for 2018. From chunky knits to floral fabrics, the spring decor trends are both colorful and refreshing.

Let’s take a look at the hottest decor trends for Spring Summer 2018…

1. The Ultra Violet Magic


The Pantone color of the year 2018 pretty much denotes spring with its deep orchid hues. The UltraViolet is a blue-based purple which is said to take our awareness and potential to a higher level. Designers are already working hard to pin the color to daily used materials and living rooms.

Being a complex and contemplative color, Ultra Violet reveals the mysteries of the cosmos and intrigue of what lies ahead and creates self-realization of what and where we are now. This is a perfect color for your bedroom and home offices. Show the color justice by mix and matching it with deeper and lighter shades of grey. When coming down to decors involved, use a plush mattress of the same Ultra Violet color and plush pillows of white, grey and deep red.

2. Geometrics


Geometrics have been prominent in the market for a few years. Well, for this year too they are still people’s favorite. But, they’ve explicitly added a twist too… The 2017 geometrics saw terrific designs on cushions and rugs, and for this year, it’s all about tiles, wallpapers and embellishments. Right from walls to table tops, geometric designs are gaining a lot of attention and fame in 2018. Geometric designed tableware increases the trend factor of a room keeping the overall theme elegant as well as casual.

3. The Dark Woods


The Scandi trend of past years made furniture pale and bleached. Well, the furniture is said to head back into the dark side again. The latest trend of 2018 includes darker wood tones and golden hues. The love for black was already present in past years too but not much prominent. Interior designers have already accepted this as one of the best ongoing trends in furniture genre. Adding golden hues on handles and knobs makes the dark wood design more pious and elegant to watch.

4. Foliage and Lots of Foliage


With the arrival of Spring, 2018 has seen a drastic transformation of bungalows to jungalows. Indoor gardens are one among the trending spring décor designs. Place some hanging plants for the bedroom, shelves and mantelpieces and some big-leafed plants to put aside of coffee tables and corners. Invoke grace and merry by matching them with some lush green sofa or armchair along with some dark wood furniture.

5. Artisan Textures


Homemade artisan textures have been in the market for a while, and they still are under the spotlight. What’s Spring Season without an artistic touch right! Furniture and rags which features wood and processed ropes are of high demands. When coming down to the textile area, they took a much more playful nature with a lot of embellishments, applique details and raw edges. These are perfect for your patio area as you can get into the exact vibes of Spring with some homemade amenities.

6. Floral Curtains


Floral curtains are one of the attention seekers of 2018 Spring decors. Replace your winter curtains with floral curtains as Spring emerges. Mix and match them with UltraViolet sofa and some lime green plush pillows will clearly refresh your mind every time you enter the room. Even though mainly opted for living rooms, these curtains can be used for your bedrooms or even as your shower curtains to get into the spirits of Spring Season.

7. Chunky Knits


The chunky knits are more of a statement than a décor, a statement of comfort and boldness together. The year 2017 saw the emergence and domination of chunky knitted sweaters and blankets, and they’re carrying forward the same on to 2018 too. But, 2018 is a year of innovations and creativity thus giving us the new chunky knitted cushions and chairs. These are an excellent addition to your existing decors and a very comfortable one.


Seasons fade away, so do trends. It is important to get to know what’s trending and what’s not. Every season has its own set of trends and collections. Randomizing them without proper research will not only kill your style factor but can also gradually decrease your social presence.

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