Easy Tips to Transform Your Home into a Summer Paradise

Easy Tips to Transform Your Home into a Summer Paradise

The endless chirpiness of the birds and the silence of a placid lake will let you know the summer’s here. With summer bringing back the liveliness in every living creature of the world, it is time to rejoice and indulge in the rejuvenating spirit Mother Nature has to offer. Summer is one of the grossing seasons where home renovations are recorded enormously. Well, who doesn’t love a home makeover especially with the summer vibes running in your veins?

Summer renovations usually feature pop colors and eccentric statement designs inspired from nature itself. Dolling up your house doesn’t require a drastic elemental change as introducing or removing a few sets of decors and organizing them will be more than enough to live in the vibes of summer.

Here are some of the easiest ways by which you can transform your home into a summer paradise…

1. Fill Up The Fire Place

fill up the fire place with side table

Well, your fireplace has been busy for the past 3-4 months and guess what, it is time for them to hibernate. Since summer is upon us, your fireplace will be out of duty for a good four to five months. Empty up your fireplace by stacking the fire woods and storing them somewhere else which is warm and dry. Now, the fireplace will be your canvas, and it’s your time to be creative. Utilize this place by adding a fancy Torre and Tagus side table and placing scented candles and magazine racks on them. You can also decorate your fireplace with summer themed ribbons and balloons to bring in the cheeky factor.

 2. Paper Flowers and Lanterns

paper lanterns decoration for summer interior decorations

Origami and paper flowers are gaining a lot of attention in 2018’s summer interior decorations. Well, there a reason behind their popularity too. They are cheap and installing them is pretty hassle-less. Adding a few will blend-in perfectly with your living room walls and bedroom walls while giving out the positive summer vibes. Get a few paper flower wall decors or save a few bucks by making them yourself. Include your kids and peers to make use of this opportunity as a quality time spent. The same goes for the paper lanterns too. They are environment-friendly and does go along with the whole nature lover flow. Environment-friendly paper lanterns can be used to increase the appealing factor of your patios and gardens.

3. Spice Up the Interiors

summer interior decor with vibrant linens and plsh pillows

It is time to welcome the colors of nature into your living room. Give your interiors a heads up with vibrant colored linens and fluorescent plush pillows. This will be a visual treat for your eyes and fill you up with a festive mood. Summer is all about colors and makes sure you are showing justice to the season with your epic home makeover. Mix and match different colors to bring out some unique combinations like a mix of black and yellow resembling a bumblebee. Fill your couch and sofa with vibrant plushy pillows to elevate the seasonal vibes.

4. Statement Wall Arts

nature like wall decor for summer decorations

Wall arts have always been one of the focal points in every interior makeover. If you have relatively large walls in your bedroom or the living room, decorating it with unique wall arts is a great idea. You can get a lot of geometrically designed wall decors or large painting portraits for walls both online and offline. Pull out your measuring tape and measure your wall’s dimensions. Finding something that relates to the nature like a green meadow painting or stick-on butterflies might be perfect for the seasonal theme.

5. Angelic Curtains and Amped Up Bars

revamp bar for summer

Hanging flow curtains were always angelic and divine to look at. It is time that you give it a shot.  Change all your old curtains for new and pretty flow curtains. These look like the veil of a bride and feels like they are flowing along with the swaying winds. Gauzy panels look the best when installed on the doorway to the pool or an outdoor garden. It gives you a vibe that you are entering into the “Garden of Eden.”

Pools and cocktails were always meant for each other and the summer season serves it right. Revamp your bar with new bottles right from wines to whiskeys and fill the racks with brand new Juliska Berry and Thread glassware. Add a few bonsai trees to your bar to make them look appealing and attractive. Try learning the recipes of a few tropical cocktails and treat yourself to a drink.


Decorating your interiors in the summer season can be pretty exciting and fun-filled. Picking a theme and finding unique things to compliment it can rev up the summer spirits to a whole new different level. There are a lot of summer sales going on in the market and make sure you follow these to find the best deals possible. Apply code “Decor15” to get 15% off on all orders with free shipping and free gift wrapping only on lijodecor.com. Happy Summer Hunting!

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